Recipe: Chicken Mexican Salad

Adeline Er is SPA+CLINIC’s new Social Media Manager & Content Creator; a highly impressive and motivated all-rounder who until recently was a full time chartered accountant and then media marketing analyst who decided to follow her personal passions and work for herself as a wellbeing, nutrition, fitness and beauty website editor, blogger and social media (notably Instagram) powerhouse.

We’re just wondering if there’s anything she can’t do …

Several mornings a week she is a personal trainer for a free community fitness program in Sydney, then goes off to train herself … and then gets down to work!

She is a great advocate of meal prepping to promote optimum health, time- and money-saving. Here she shares her big favourite, Chicken Mexican Salad.

“This six-ingredient salad has been a huge favourite of mine of late – packed with flavours (thanks to the coriander and red onion), super delicious and extremely quick and easy to make,” she says.

“Top it with your favourite protein of choice (I have been using poached chicken because it’s healthy and takes no effort to cook!). Et voila – a complete and balance meal ready to go!

“I make this in bulk, because, ain’t nobody have time to make this every day!”


1 red onion, finely diced

8-10 strawberry tomatoes, quartered

250g of frozen peas and corn, microwaved

2 cups of cooked quinoa

2 cups of coriander (halve it or swap it with parsley if coriander is not your favourite)

Juices of 2 fresh limes

2 tablespoons extra virgin olive oil

Salt and pepper to taste

Chilli flakes optional

Protein of choice – I used poached chicken in this recipe


Boil quinoa according to packet instructions

Poach the chicken in chicken or beef stock

Wash and chop all ingredients

Mix ingredients, add in olive oil, lime juice, salt, pepper and chilli flakes

Shred poached chicken and top it on the salad

FOR Split the salad into individual portions

Prep time: 30 mins; Cook time: 20 mins; Total time: 50 mins