Tasting True International Success

For the global posse of skincare and product junkies, the ground floor (cosmetics level) of Selfridges on Oxford Street in London might be heaven on earth. And, in the “sky” of online shopping, Net- a-Porter beauty could be its sacred equivalent.

The “bible’” for this army of enthusiasts? Quite possibly Allure , or New Beauty magazines.

Coveted and collected by devotees all over the world, both were born in the 1990s and have since thrived on their single minded propositions: Predicting the hottest trends in products and aesthetics.

According to TMR, the global demand for organic and ethical products is expected to reach $13.2 US Billion by 2018. Beauty Stat also reports that consumer desire for sustainable living and therefore, “naturalism,” in everything, is driving the movement–the demand for increasingly innovative and luxe offerings in this category is set to continue soaring.

In step with these statistics, two luxurious yet ethical Australian professional skincare ranges, Edible Beauty by Anna Mitsios, and The Beauty Chef by Carla Oates, have been cherry-picked by some of the most prestigious retailers in the world.

They’re also receiving rave write-ups in the aforementioned “bibles” and are clocking up accolades from other key industry influencers by the minute. While the product offerings of each brand is distinct, both ranges contain only certified organic ingredients that are literally safe to eat.

Anna Mitsios, with her range of delectables!

Anna Mitsios, a Sydney-based naturopath, was inspired to create her range of skincare while working as a fertility specialist.

“I was recommending products which were free of anything that would disrupt hormone balance, including fragrances, preservatives and alcohol,” she says.

“As we absorb about 60 percent of what we put on our skin, I wanted to find something that was truly `edible’. However, it was difficult for me to find products that I could use and recommend that were both 100 percent natural and also luxurious.

“I felt there was a need for a product range which was pure enough to be `edible’, but that was also luxurious and a sensual delight to use, so I embarked on creating my own range. This was the birth of Edible Beauty.tea1

Materialising into a holistic range of skincare, herbal tea, aroma candles and baby care, Edible Beauty is stocked by the likes of Face Plus Medispas in Sydney, Sephora (internationally) and the iconic New York-based Anthropologie.

Allure magazine, and Bustle (a popular US website) both singled Edible Beauty out at Indie Beauty Expo in New York this year. They included it in their Top 5 “finds” wrap up stories.


Jillian Wright, co-founder of Indie Beauty Expo, was wowed by the calibre of the turnout on the day.

“There were 80 exhibitors when initially we were hoping to have 40!, 100+ press (including Allure, Elle, InStyle and W), 200+ buyers (including Barneys, Goop, Saks, Spirit Beauty Lounge, Target and Whole Foods), 300+ other industry professionals and 300+ consumers.

“This wasn’t just a bunch of us New Yorkers, either. Attendees flew in from around the US, Europe and Asia.”

Anna Mitsios talks to SPA+CLINIC about her experience as an exhibitor:

“There was an incredible vibe at IBE. The New York setting and gathering of some of the most innovative brands on the market combined to create an electric buzz. Consumers, press and buyers were all genuinely excited by and interested in our display and our story.

“The Indie beauty scene is definitely gaining so much credibility and traction both domestically and offshore – it’s an exciting movement to be a part of.

“We felt so blessed to have been singled out by Allure. We are always so humbled to have a mention by such publications but also quite excited as it does help out to spread the word on the importance of toxin-free, `edible’ beauty routines.”

Edible Beauty’s inclusive attitude toward spreading the word indicates support, rather than competition, between other local brands consisting of ethical, pure, edible ingredients.

In fact, the market demand for such products is expanding so rapidly, that Sydney cosmetic surgeon Dr William Mooney, founder of Face Plus Medispas, has room for both Edible Beauty and The Beauty Chef, in his clinics.

“Internal health and wellbeing play a large part in looking beautiful and healthy on the outside,” says Dr Mooney.

“Our medispas are unique because we are able to offer patients treatments that target their beauty concerns inside and out.

“This is why we chose to stock Edible Beauty and The Beauty Chef. Edible Beauty aligns perfectly with our brand philosophy by creating professionally formulated, results-driven and luxurious teas.

“The Beauty Chef range allows Face Plus Medispa to provide our savvy and environmentally-conscious patients with a product that has been blended with organic sustainability and beauty in mind.

“We have also integrated both ranges into our patient journey. Upon arrival patients are served with a tea from Edible Beauty and post-treatment we serve an elixir from The Beauty Chef range.”

To say that the The Beauty Chef has also been soaring from strength to strength is an understatement.

Carla Oates Sitting Pretty!
Carla Oates Sitting Pretty!

Carla Oates, creator of the brand, began formulating beauty products in her Bondi kitchen, using herbs from her garden 15 years ago.

Collaborating with a team of chemists, naturopaths and nutritionists, the range of skincare and health tonics, are made entirely from bio-fermented certified organic ingredients.

Some of The Beauty Chef’s mouth watering range of supplements and skincare.

Containing a delicate balance of grains, seeds, vegetables, the range is renowned for its unique approach to probiotic skincare and supplements.

Promoting the probiotic skincare trend, New Beauty featured one of the star products of The Beauty Chef range, Probiotic Skin Refiner, in the latest edition of the magazine.

“When it comes to topical probiotics in skincare, you probably won’t see `live cultures’ on the label but that doesn’t mean they aren’t working’,” declares Yolanda Yoh, New Beauty editor.

In bygone days “green skincare” might have meant sacrificing “glamour.” According to makeup artist and ethical beauty advocate Paige Padgett (author of The Green Beauty Rules): “If you want chemically safe, high-end products they’re out there; beautifully packaged, artfully branded with premium ingredients.”

Best sellers at high-end online store Net-A-Porter, and high-end UK department store Selfridges, The Beauty Chef takes the eco-luxe trend to new levels of sophistication.

Leonie Faddy, sales and marketing director of The Beauty Chef has exciting news to share:

“We’re launching on Gwyneth Paltrow’s website Goop, soon! When I met their team in June, we discussed the huge growth of the organic Inner Beauty category.

“Our entire range has also been picked up by Ron Robinson, the prestigious LA department store.

“We continue to generate interest worldwide and not a day passes where we do not receive an email from a potential international stockist.

“Our international growth has moved at such a rate that we know have a US-based fulfilment warehouse and a dedicated sales team in the US, with the same to follow early next year in the UK. It is exciting times for The Beauty Chef team.”


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