Online Wellness Platforms Are Skyrocketing

Wellness education has never been this accessible.

As the world grows more accustomed to lockdown and we accept living in isolation as our new norm (for the time being of course!) consumers are now turning to online solutions en masse to meet their fitness and wellbeing needs. And of course with gyms, fitness centres and wellness studios including meditation, yoga and pilates being closed, the fitness and wellness world is responding in kind to meet this demand, pivoting to provide virtual services instead of physical so their clientele can continue their practices at home. And with the effects the COVID-19 pandemic can have on mental health, consumers are turning to wellness activities more than ever in an attempt to improve stress levels and maintain some structure and normalcy in their lives – or at the very least just give them something to do!

The Global Wellness Institute recognises online fitness and wellbeing platforms as a major area of growth, saying “the examples are countless, and new announcements are made daily.”

“For instance, At Home with Six Senses just launched, helping people that can’t hit a wellness resort to stay well—with everything from at-home workouts to live meditation sessions to nighttime breathing rituals to healthy recipes. The YMCA is serving up free barre, boot camp, yoga classes and more. Peloton’s app, offering yoga, meditation and strength training sessions, is now free for 3 months. You can even take Yale’s uber-popular class on happiness online for free.”

Studios that are now closed are quickly turning to virtual solutions, creating ‘online studios’ that offer both private consultations as well as the same classes they once were via platforms like Zoom. These are a wonderful option for businesses to implement in order to cater to the sector of the market that is looking for more social interaction in a group setting. Some studios and services, such as Fluidform Pilates, are adding even more value to their clientele via social media, offering the occasional free class via Instagram Live video. 

Another one of countless benefits offered by online services and virtual studios is of course reaching new audiences like never before. Though travel is currently restricted, virtual studios and services are not hindered by borders or distance, and are now reaching new markets around the world. 

For example, Chiva-Som, a wellness retreat in Hua Hin, Thailand, has just announced the launch of Chiva-Som Online Wellness Services; one-on-one complimentary expert appointments available until May 31st, including health & wellness consultations, activities and physical training. Chiva-Som is also sharing a collection of on-demand wellness content and hands-on tools across the resort’s digital channels, like healthy cuisine recipes and holistic wellbeing advice, virtual exercise programmes and self-training tutorials, even demonstrations on self-massage at home. Businesses putting in the groundwork and adding value to markets in other countries now are undoubtedly going to reap the benefits and enjoy growth in wellness travelers once international travel is restored.

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