Wellness – Are You on Board?


Statistics show the wellness industry – encompassing cosmetics treatments, mind and body exercises, nutritional information, alternative medicines and weight loss programs – is on an unprecedented upwards trajectory.

Someone who seeks out professional advice and treatments for, say, skin problems or to reduce fat, smooth cellulite and contour curves has already made a commitment to investing in themselves.

While it may not be a case of ‘money is no object’, the dollars they are willing to spend to look and feel better are walking right through your door.

But are you offering everything you possibly can to make yours an ‘holistic’ experience for your clients; to maximise the results of treatments they are investing in?

The fact is that most skin problems are manifestations of what’s going on within the body – ie. inner health.

And while fat and cellulite reduction device technology, slimming body wraps and massage therapies et al can be extremely effective, if a client then goes home and resumes poor lifestyle habits, whether through lack of motivation or information, they are unlikely to get the results they want, or certainly not sustain them. Motivation and information you can give them!

You have a captive audience, so make the most of it, whether you offer nutritional/dietary/weight management advice, or adjunct services such as yoga classes – whether on-site or by cross-referral with trusted practitoners in your circle – or you cultivate to create a circle.

This is the thrust of the next A5M (AustralAsian Academy of Anti-Ageing Medicine) annual conference in Melbourne early August, with vital pre-conference workshops in late July; combining nutrition, pharmaceuticals and skincare.

The program will cover:

  • Integrative treatment protocols for common skin conditions
  • The business opportunities in offering holistic treatment solutions
  • How to increase treatment plan adherence in aesthetic patients
  • Ways to enhance the results of surgical and non-surgical aesthetic treatments
  • How to assess the skin with visual and tactile techniques
  • Incorporating nutraceuticals ans dietary supplements in pre- and post- treatment plans
  • The medical advantages of modern aesthetics

A5M’s 2015 pre-conference workshop is The Skin Triad – An Integrative Approach to Skin Health.

It will delve into combining different modalities and conjunctive approaches for optimising skin health and improving patient results, as well as examinng the integration of nutrition, pharmaceutical agents, and skincare to achieve superior results in skin rejuvenation, building the bridge between aesthetics and internal medicine.

It will also review the role of hormones, ageing, lifestyle and genetics on the skin and discuss strategies such as nutritional supplements for pre- and post-procedural care.

Over the past five years, aesthetics consumers have increasingly and enthusiastically embraced wellness – for them, it has become a synonym of beauty.

They believe that skin appearance can be dramatically improved (eg. clearer, younger looking) by reducing stress or increasing energy – cosmetic products and treatments are no longer the sole reference point.

As  entrepreneur extraordinaire Richard Branson wrote in 2013: ‘Halth and wellness is one of the business sectors that I think is going through major change and offers great opportunities for entrepreneurs.

‘Though many developed economies are struggling through some tough times, the wellness sector has proved resilient, and some fast-moving businesses are finding success. This is partly because more people are becoming aware of the wider benefits of getting fit

 ‘I like coming up with ideas for this sector both because it’s fun and because it offers opportunities for businesses to make a difference in people’s lives.

‘Some of the best ways we can help our communities is by applying innovative and entrepreneurial approaches to major issues such as obesity and by encouraging healthy living.’

Don’t miss the boat – or should we say, bandwagon!



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