Feng Shui For Your Business: Why You Should Consider It

We understand you may feel this isn’t relevant for you right now while your business is closed  or you have been stood down – but there is an end to this pandemic. Now is the perfect time to strategise for the that time, and start planning your future initiatives that you want to work on once your doors are back open. And we are here to help you not only get through this difficult time, but come out even stronger on the other side.

Master Janene Laird

Have you always wanted to introduce Feng Shui into your business? Janene Laird, from ShengChi-Feng Shui, specialises in Corporate, Business and Residential Services and has a long history of working both locally and globally with clients, architects, interior stylists and exterior landscapers during the design phase of a project through to the completion of the final product. This week, Janene chats to SPA+CLINIC on Feng Shui, and how to incorporate a little into your spa or clinic.

Give us a brief overview of Feng Shui and what it means for you

Feng Shui literally means wind and water and is an ancient metaphysical practice that is commonly associated with the fortuitous positioning of homes. Building a home that optimises the well-being of its occupants was, and continues to be, much sought after.

Centuries ago in China, natural landforms such as mountains, valleys and rivers were prevalent and the houses were popularly oriented towards the South. Living standards and needs were basic and as such, Feng Shui practices were simpler and revolved around architecture and culture.

Nonetheless, the knowledge of Feng Shui was so coveted that its secrets were passed only to descendants or selected protégés by word of mouth. Manuscripts were closely guarded and deliberately written incomplete or with mistakes to prevent the knowledge from landing in the wrong hands. Even today when lifestyles and desires have since evolved, the pursuit to constantly improve one’s well-being in all aspects still remains.

Thus the practice of Feng Shui and the interpretation of its science and art form has adapted to the environment and people of today. Landscapes, especially in cities, are now dense and cluttered, with an absence of space and natural elements.

Therefore our challenge in the 21st century is to adapt this ancient art and apply its classical principles to a modern world so that it suits our ever changing environment, diverse cultures and busy lifestyles.

How does a business benefit from introducing Feng Shui?

Traditional Feng Shui is an exceptional business tool which has been widely used for thousands of years by the Emperors, Noblemen and general populace of China and Asia to build their palaces and homes and to select auspicious locations for their cities.

Nowadays an ever increasing number of small, medium and large businesses are harnessing Feng Shui and its natural forces to aid them in the planning, design and arrangement of their commercial spaces. In fact good Feng Shui makes good business sense as companies increasingly recognise the benefits of a prosperous location, a positive energy flow, a harmonious working environment and a cohesive, productive staff.

Does Feng Shui lend itself to a day spa or skin clinic environment?

An integrated Feng Shui and healthy design approach has the potential to create any type of space that is not only aesthetically pleasing, but has an auspicious flow of ch’i (energy) which manifests as a tranquil space, whilst supporting the ongoing success of a business.

What kind of effects may clients experience?

The principles of Feng Shui are timeless. Spaces which are not only visually delightful, but promote harmony, health and a feeling of well-being are often the result of good Feng Shui. Hence Feng Shui is not only concerned with the relationship between a building and its surrounding environment, but it also focuses on the improvement of life here and now.

Indeed by working hand in hand with a business owner we are able to create an internal environment, with richly productive, beautiful spaces where one feels totally at ease and rejuvenated.

Have you consulted with day spas or beauty salons before?

I specialise in all types of Commercial and Residential Feng Shui services and have a long history of working with clients, architects, interior designers and stylists during the design phase of a project through to the completion of the final product. Many of these projects have indeed been in the health, fitness, wellness and beauty industry, as well as retreats and lifestyle clubs.

What would your top Feng Shui tip/s be for businesses – if you’re willing to share any of your secrets!

Good Feng Shui is not about filling your living or working spaces with symbolic objects which are supposed to bring good luck or protect against negative influences. Rather it is firstly about having a supportive external environment and then following that with good design, properly arranged internal spaces and aesthetically pleasing decorative elements which promote harmony and a sense of well-being.

When a customer or client enters your business they shouldn’t know you have employed the services of a professional Feng Shui consultant, unless you wish to tell them. Instead they should walk in and simply feel as if they are in safe hands or have come to the ‘right’ place.

A general tip (although strictly speaking it’s not Feng Shui) is to maintain good housekeeping and good maintenance standards. Whenever the flow of ch’i is impeded with clutter or unkempt spaces it adversely affects opportunities, health or relationships.

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