The Icelandic biotechnology skin care brand Bioffect has introduced a powerful anti-ageing EGF Eye Serum to its multi-award skin care line.

It is a revitalising formula specifically developed to target the delicate skin around the eyes, which is more vulnerable to damage and ages faster than elsewhere on the body. Result: loss of youthful volume, radiance and luminosity land the development of wrinkles, sagging and fine lines.

Bioffect Eye Serum contains a high concentration of growth factors, cellular activators derived from barley plants. These mimic the effects of those that occur naturally in human skin, stimulating biological processes involved in the maintenance of healthy-looking skin. Bioffect is the only skin care brand in the world to boasting growth factors made in plants, for higher efficacy and purity.

The serum’s refreshing gel-like formulation immediately rebalances moisture levels around the eyes, leaving the skin looking radiant and firm while providing la ong term, anti-ageing effect.

Double blinded, placebo-controlled clinical trials of the Bioffect Eye Serum revealed that among 70 percent of participants there was an increase in collagen intensity at the eye area, 73 percent saw improved elasticity and, with 70 percent of users, wrinkles diminished. 86%  percent of participants in a user survey felt it provided a refreshed complexion.

Most eye creams come in jars or bottle packaging that are compromised by direct contact of the bulk of the formulation to the skin. The unique dispensing mechanism of Bioffect Eye Serum maintains the integrity of the cellular activators inside, releasing the right dose needed for one application, and keeping the rest of the product free from exposure to the skin.

The steel roller ball provides a soothing application of the serum and leaves the skin feeling refreshed and the eye area appearing brighter.

Bioffect skin care products are the culmination of more than 10 years of research by a pioneering biotechnology company in Iceland.

The growth factors are naturally forged in barley seeds grown in volcanic pumice and nourished with pure spring water in state-of-the-art greenhouses in Iceland. The green biotechnology ensures that the cellular activators included in their skin care products are more pure and stable than cellular activators produced in traditional production systems.


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