JESSICA-critical care

Setting a new standard for boosting growth and strength of severely weakened nails that just won’t grow.

Using the exclusive Protein KSW fortified with calcium and intense strengtheners, Jessica Critical Care penetrates the nail and increases keratinisation, creating a protective barrier to allow for maximum growth.

It bonds the nail layers together building a strong foundation that will resist peeling, chipping and splitting.


It makes an ideal base and top coat. To use as a treatment, Jessica Critical Care should be applied generously in two coats to a clean, bare nail, under and over the nail, sealing the edges.

If used with nail varnish, apply one coat to a clean, bare nail, sealing the edges, then apply two coats of  varnish, before one coat of top coat.

Once nail condition improves, a client is ready to switch to Jessica Reward, Basecoat for Normal Nails.


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