Wellness Trends According To Pinterest

You might be seeing more from these trends this year – according to Pinterest users!

Trend forecasts by industry leaders and research outlets, such as the Global Wellness Institute, are of course the leading way to stay on top of the trends and movements we can expect to see experiencing growth over the coming months and years. Another way is to analyse the consumer behaviour of the present, and using these movements to predict growing and upcoming trends.

Pinterest remains a fairly accurate indicator of current global trends, with some fascinating stats coming out of the online moodboard’s search history data. The service often releases this data to demonstrate what its users are searching for most, and with such a worldwide focus on wellness, it’s no surprise Pinterest has experienced a 71% increase last year in searches for healthy mindset and self-care practices.

Here are some of Pinterest’s most popular wellness searches:

Feng Shui searches are up 137%, with users looking for interior living items and decor to create calm and organised surroundings for a greater sense of balance and wellbeing. Keywords include Feng Shui bedroom tips, sustainable design and living, soothing colours, experiment with minimalism, and Feng Shui artwork.

It’s not just about weight loss – healthy diets that support positive mental health and physical wellbeing are becoming more of a focus. Eating more greens is becoming the general consensus (even specifically ‘Cucumber juice benefits’ search term is up 99%) as they are packed with vitamins and minerals and offer numerous health benefits. Other searches include cucumber juice, crispy kale chips, super green smoothie bowl, triple green salad, pea pancakes.

We all know how therapeutic a bathing ritual can be, relaxing both mind and muscles. Pinterest users are wanting to know more about how to turn their at-home bathing into more of a spiritual, spa-like experience. Searches are for aromatherapy and essentials oils, and other additions to baths – like Ylang ylang oil, DIY detox bath, milk and honey, coconut oil spa, and ‘bring on the bubbles’.

A self-discovery journal (searches up 147%) is a fantastic outlet for healing and self-expression, proven as a therapeutic tactic and aids in organised thoughts, improve clarity and heighten intuition. This is just one of the self-awareness and mental health-themed search terms growing on Pinterest – there’s also thought starters for self-reflection, for the time poor, letting go, and journaling for anxiety.

Music plays a big role in our lives and can stimulate the body’s natural feel good chemicals (e.g. endorphins, oxytocin) to energise our mood, and provide an outlet for us to take control of our feelings. Many are hoping for music to play a bigger role in their mood influencers, with searches like Mood-booster playlists (up 85%), Music therapy, reduce stress, and boost your confidence.

Chicory root is not only a coffee substitute but has been found to have anti-inflammatory effects, and thought to reduce anxiety and stress. The search Chicory root benefits is up 91% with others including Chicory coffee, Chicory vegan dishes, Chicory salads and Grow your own chicory.

Sea moss is another botanical that’s trending at the moment (Sea moss benefits, +380%). Thought to serve a multitude of functions; sunburn salve, hangover helper, joint rejuvenator, users are also searching for sea moss facial masks, sea moss smoothies, sea moss preparation and sea moss gel.

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