Here Is Your First Look At Melbourne’s Largest Upcoming Social Wellness Club

Set to open in 2023, Olympia Bath House is set to be Melbourne’s newest and largest social bathing house.

Situated in the luxury St. Germain tower in the affluent suburb of Toorak, Melbourne, Olympia Bath House is set to be the largest social wellness club within the Melbourne CBD, and will span over an impressive 1,000 square metres. 

Termed as an ‘urban wellness playground’, Olympia is sure to excite residents and visitors. It showcases 14 bathing experiences inspired by traditional wellness practices from all corners of the world, 15 restorative spa treatments and 7 variations of movement and meditation classes for guests.

Official sneak-peek at the Vitality Pool (render image)

The 14 different bathing areas within Olympia Bath House will be a star attraction for guests. Some of the impressive areas include a communal Hammam bath which is made up of 20 square metres of heated marble with an adjoining Caldarium (hot room) and Ice Chamber designed to complement hot-cold therapy which is set to -15 degrees so guests can experience a blizzard between heat. A stainless steel Vitality Pool provides a hot, shallow mineral bath with jet streams and massage showers to relax all areas of the body. The stainless steel pool will be a masterpiece of avant-garde elegance and offers exceptional hygienic qualities and is environmentally respectful.

Olympia Bath House will employ 70 staff, specialising in massage and skin treatments, movement and fitness, Hammam rituals and more.

This will be the first experience many will enjoy at the centre and will even allow guests to enjoy naked bathing (18 years old+) at certain times, a practice that many have enjoyed for thousands of years. Other experiences include multiple saunas including an Entertainment Sauna to experience a traditional sauna, and an Infrared Sauna to enjoy the benefits of more modern technologies. The Steam Tunnel offers a unique experience for all the senses comprising three chambers that increase in heat and condensation, a Rain Room with heated marble benches for rinsing mud or salt scrubs that is set to 27 degrees and air humidity set between 80-100 per cent and a Plunge Pool designed to boost blood circulation.

Render image sneak-peek of one of the Olympia Hammam Saunas

Movement classes like Yoga, Pilates, Qi-gong, Tai-chi, Barre, Sound Bathing and also meditation classes for stress, anxiety and sleep alleviation will also be available at Olympia Bath House. Furthermore, traditional spa treatments are also an option for people, with massage and bodywork therapies available and facial treatments that use scrubs, masques and LED light therapy techniques, designed to repair and recalibrate skin tissues will also be available.

 “We believe that everyone deserves to live well and in order for people to live a happy and healthy life we must all practise wellness regularly, not just on special occasions and that’s the way we’ve designed Olympia. Everything is under one roof, a place where you can come every day and have a different experience”

Emily King, Founder of Olympia Bath House

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