7 Skincare And Wellness Trends Set To Take 2022 By Storm

The new year will welcome more sustainability and a back-to-basics approach.

From skinimalism to bath houses, 2021 was determined by a back-to-basics approach to skincare and wellness. And according to trend forecasting firm WGSN, this sustainably-minded approach is set to continue and expand into 2022.

As consumers become more aware of and invested in the ethics and sustainability of the wellness industry, many are turning away from fads and influencer recommendations, and towards eco-aware brands, products and experiences that promise social and environmental change. From waterless products to outdoor bathing and fermented skincare, here are the top skincare and wellness trends for 2022.

Waterless body care

Water has officially become an non-essential ingredient in skincare and cosmetics essentials. But the waterless skincare trend has been taken one step further, with innovative products and tools that don’t contain or require any water including showerless shampoo and dry shaving essentials.

Skincare “snacks”

Everyday skincare rituals became an essential during lockdown, and this will be taken to new heights in the new year. Micro beauty moments or “beauty snacks” are predicted to become a mainstay in the daily routines of skincare lovers — think five-minute masks, lunchtime lip scrubs and even on-the-go LED masks. It’s an afternoon snack for the beauty obsessee.

Outdoor bathing

There’s nothing quite as refreshing as a dip in the ocean. Wild bathing in open water and outdoor baths, spas and hot springs is set to skyrocket in 2022, taking cues from traditional Japanese onsen and communal baths. Alongside the growth of this type of wellness real estate, natural products and tools that replicate outdoor rituals will see a boost as well including ingredients such as seaweed and seawater.

Fermented beauty

Just as kombucha has become a mainstay in kitchens, K- and J-Beauty favourite fermented beauty will grow. Essentially, the fermentation process results in potent skincare essentials that better penetrate the skin and deliver a boost of ingredients directly into the skin or hair. Lactic, organic and acetic acids are naturally formed during the fermentation process, lengthening the shelf-life of products, which offers a more sustainable and affordable option for consumers.

Coastal ingredients

Expect to see seaweed extract, kelp, sea fennel and algae everywhere. Coastal-foraged ingredients offer naturally soothing, hydrating and detoxifying benefits for the skin — and are often locally and seasonally harvested so they’re better for the environment too.

Before-bed skincare

Just like skincare snacks, before-bed skincare offers a mindful wind-down ritual that benefits the skin and the soul. According to a related WGSN trend report, consumers are “seeking overnight fixes and functional treatments” that not only help them relax and unwind but allow them to wake up feeling refreshed, bright-faced and rejuvenated. This trend essentially takes night-time routines to the next level, with the likes of overnight masks and peels.

The “two-minute makeup bag”  

With the rise of “no-makeup makeup” and TikTok’s infamous “clean girl aesthetic”, consumers have been focusing less on makeup and more on skincare. This has given rise to skincare-powered cosmetics and minimalist product lines that offer convenient, chic and low-key looks as we emerge from the pandemic era into a hybrid lifestyle.

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