Skincare Good Enough To Eat

There is no question clients are becoming savvier as to what they choose to put on their skin, and a large number also now requesting natural skincare alternatives as part of their journey towards a non-toxic lifestyle – a journey Edible Beauty founder Anna Mitsios is all too familiar with.

“My background is actually in Finance and I made the move into naturopathy as a result of having Type 1 Diabetes,” she explains.

“It took me on a different path where studying nutrition, naturopathy and herbs helped me to understand how to better look after my condition.”

Edible Beauty PRODUCTIt was five years before Anna finally moved away from her former career and her first steps involved work in a fertility clinic, the key instigator in the birth of her natural beauty brand which now heralds cult-status.

“Our radiance and vitality is a direct reflection of everything we put on and into our bodies. I was recommending clients use natural skincare products but I felt there was nothing truly edible. We absorb so much of what we put on our skin that if it’s not good enough to eat then I feel you shouldn’t be putting it on your skin.

“I was frustrated with so many brands that had the perception of being natural but weren’t or that were natural but weren’t pleasurable to use and so the idea of Edible Beauty is that we make it a sensual experience, where each product has it’s own smell, sense and feel,” she says of the range that comprises a simple yet lovingly created range of skincare and teas, all based upon the philosophy of illuminating natural beauty by using pure, wild-crafted and botanical ingredients that are backed by science.

Anna’s love of herbal and natural ingredients is evident in the care and attention to detail she pays every product, housed in luxurious and energy-enhancing Miron Violet Glass.

“I thought to myself, people should be able to experience this!” says Anna.

Edible Beauty STORY“It’s about getting the message out there and helping educate clients on what it means to put a product on our skin. People in the fertility space get it. They are at the front line of our changing lifestyle dealing daily with the displacement of oestrogen and a range of metabolic disorders.

“Skincare really is enough to disrupt our systems and bodily functions so if you can make one change it can have a big repercussion on everything. And if you or a client are hesitant to make the switch, start with products you use most of the time like a cleanser or moisturiser,” Anna says, adding that the stigma of natural beauty not working is slowly becoming a thing of the past.

Edible Beauty PRODUCT 2Importantly though, Anna firmly believes that we can all be beautiful by nurturing our body, mind and soul.

“We’ve stopped listening to our body. It’s not always easy but there are so many people on this path and no one person is doing it right or wrong.”

She understands the gateway to a healthy lifestyle is through balance, but with awareness and the incredible power of herbs and natural foods Edible Beauty offers a chance to transform, nourish and revitalise our lives and those of our clients.


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