The Secret Skincare Teams Up With Fresh Clinics For A New Bespoke Experience

Bespoke skincare takes on a new meaning.

Prescription skincare is on the rise, with many consumers looking for simple, derm-approved products with proven results. The idea is simple, with prescription brands offering three to four products tailored to the user’s skin concerns and packed with potent ingredients that cannot be found in OTC products.

Dr Clara Hurst and Dr Deb Cohen-Jones

The Secret Skincare, one of Australia’s leading prescription skincare brands, has taken this premise to a whole new level and teamed up with Fresh Clinics to provide an even more personalised user experience. The new six-month partnership, which launched on November 29 2021, offers greater access to assistance with their skin, making the brand’s made-to-order range more accessible across more than 500 Fresh Clinics stores nationwide. 

We speak to Dr Clara Hurst and Dr Deb Cohen-Jones, co-founders of The Secret Skincare, to find out more about the brand’s latest collaboration.

What inspired your collaboration with Fresh Clinics?

Accessibility is of great importance to our brand. We strive to provide patients with proven solutions to mitigate their skin concerns, without them having to jump through unnecessary hoops.

It is important to remember that prescription skincare requires a prescription for a reason. Our products need to be used under medical guidance, and through the Fresh Clinics partnership, our products will be available to a broader audience.

What can patients expect from this collaboration?

By partnering with Fresh Clinics, The Secret product offering will be available to over 500 cosmetic providers nationwide. For the first time, dermal therapists will have access to medical-strength prescriptions via the Fresh Software Platform.

Our partnership with Fresh Clinics will disrupt the skincare industry in a way never before seen in the Australian market. We’re continuing to put our patients’ needs first while adapting and growing our business exponentially.

How does the experience differ from The Secret’s standard prescription line?

Consumers want simplicity and ease, and they want it yesterday. Online has been the answer to this, especially during the COVID era. Now, thanks to technology it is making powerful skin treatments more accessible to beauty practitioners without medical qualifications. Our new partnership with Fresh Clinics means that our skincare can be prescribed in-clinic, leveraging existing clientele relationships with those who may otherwise seek these treatments elsewhere.

We believe prescription skincare and in-clinic treatments go hand-in-hand. They both have their time and place for treating a range of challenging cosmetic skin concerns, and both have amazing results – so being able to offer both options in one place creates a holistic treatment plan. 

Do you have any other exciting projects in the pipeline for 2022?

Yes, we have a lot of exciting things in store for 2022, our plans are to reinforce our dedication to sustainability and create the best experience for our customers through complementary product offerings — creating a one-stop shop for patients. You will have to keep following our journey to find out more… for now it is a secret.

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