For over 10 Years Australia’s leading Spa Treatment provider, Victoria’s Essentials, has provided some of the World’s Finest Spas with their ‘Signature’ Treatments.  With a range of over 200 professional Spa Treatments and products, we pride ourselves on a large range of unique treatments that are formulated to help your spa stand out among the rest!

Our range includes:

Rice-based body Scrub Concentrates
Dry and ready-made IONIC Body Wraps made from Australian Clay
Vegetable- based massage gels for face and body
Algae Peel Off Body Masks – no mess body treatments
A complete range of Organic Thai Herbal Compress Treatments
Australian-Made Granite and Marble Warm Stone Massage Sets
Professional Mosturisers, Massage Oils
Professional Vinotherapie Treatments
Handmade Pedicure and Manicure Bowls
Pedicure Treatments
Hand-crafted Organic Herbal Teas
Fruit and Herbal Infusions (Teas)
And so much more….

To experience all we have to offer, visit our website to learn more!

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