TeloMatrix Professional

Inspired by the Nobel Prize-winning discovery of telomeres, SkinMTX® TeloMatrix Professional, now available in Australia, is a treatment that effectively triggers micro-transformations in the skin by targeting telomeres.

Although wrinkles may appear on skin’s surface, scientists have found that the ageing process is linked to telomeres, end caps of DNA that protects the chromosomes. As we grow older, telomeres at the end of our chromosomes shrink which accelerates the ageing process.

SkinMTX® TeloMatrix Professional harnesses this key finding to formulate a luxurious skin restoring treatment that helps to reduce the visible signs of the ageing process by targeting telomeres.

Powered by a multitude of revolutionary actives, TeloMatrix Professional is a 5-step intensive in-clinic treatment meticulously formulated to help rejuvenate and restore skin’s youthful-appearance, helping improve skin firmness by an incredible 75%1.

This age-defying treatment helps remove dead skin and congestion from the skin’s surface with a rich blend of retexturising agents. The newly refreshed skin fully absorbs the infusion of moisturising and rejuvenating actives to help plump and smooth the complexion. Skin appears visibly revived with cutting-edge TeloZyme Infusion Booster which helps improve skin density and volume while smoothing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles. It also contains TeloZyme Complex™ that helps protect telomeres, providing better defense against signs of skin ageing.

This treatment provides a comprehensive process of skin revitalisation and restoration, helping alleviate the impact that age, stress, and pollution can have for a plump, taut, radiant complexion. It brightens skin from within providing it with a luminous, rejuvenated, healthy-looking and youthful appearance.

SkinMTX® TeloMatrix Professional comes in unique high potency mono-dose form (2 treatments per pack) for precise dosing and results. Its hermetically-sealed packaging ensures hygiene and reliability is maintained, and allows for on-demand dispensing to ensure the optimal potency and efficacy of the treatment is delivered every time without wastage.


1 In vivo simple blind study including 24 women, 58±6 years old, with wrinkles and not having used anti-age products for at least 1 month. No intentional UV exposure. Twice daily application of a cream formulated with TeloZyme Complex™ for 6 months. Evaluation of the functional and structural signs of aging at 1 and 6 months.

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