Recently launched in Australia, SkinMTX® RadicalBright Professional is a transformational skin brightening system that helps bring a healthy-looking glow back to dull, lifeless and lacklustre skin.

This 5-step in-clinic treatment improves dull skin with a multi-pronged approach, providing anti-pigmentation, antioxidant, anti-ageing, anti-dullness, and anti-inflammatory actions. SkinMTX® RadicalBright Professional removes dead skin, helping to minimise the appearance of stubborn spots while visibly improving uneven skin tone. Containing supercharged active ingredients, it provides overall luminosity to dull and discoloured skin.

The complexion is rejuvenated, skin suppleness is improved and radiance is restored. The healthy-looking glow that is achieved is prolonged with a good dose of nourishing ingredients delivered deep into skin, helping rebalance skin’s structure and optimise hydration. 

SkinMTX® RadicalBright treatment program is powered by Fullerene, a Nobel Prize-winning discovery that has 125 times more antioxidating powers than Vitamin C1, and shows superior effectiveness in helping reduce the impact of free radicals. Additionally, its small molecular size of 688nm allows for excellent penetration into the skin for optimum results. 

Another key ingredient, Alpha Arbutin, helps even out skin tone and minimise the appearance of dark spots. This ingredient has been proven to provide a superior brightening effect without the toxicity and irritations associated with hydroquinone3.

Together with Niacinamide (Vitamin B3) that helps unify skin tone, and a gentle AHA Complex that promotes exfoliation and helps stimulate skin renewal, this professional-grade treatment provides consistently remarkable brightening results, returning radiance to once dull skin and restoring skin back to its coveted healthy-looking glow.

SkinMTX® RadicalBright Professional comes in unique high potency mono-dose form for precise dosing and results. Its hermetically-sealed packaging ensures hygiene and reliability is maintained, and allows for on-demand dispensing to ensure the optimal potency and efficacy of the treatment is delivered every time without wastage.


1 Professor Oshima Graduate School of Engineering Osaka University

2 Miwa Laboratory, Prefectural University of Hiroshima, Japan

3 Couteau et al, 2016 Cosmetics: Overview of Skin Brightening Agents: Drugs and Cosmetic Products


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