Meet The New Technology That’s About To Completely Level Up Liposuction Procedures

Safer, more reliable and providing better results: All about the game-changing new liposuction tech from Perth-based clinic, Absolute Cosmetic Medicine.

According to recent findings by the International Society of Plastic Surgery (ISAPS), liposuction remains the third most popular cosmetic procedure in Australia, with nearly 9,000 people a month searching for ‘liposuction’ online. To prepare for an increase in popularity in liposuction procedures, Perth-based clinic, Absolute Cosmetic Medicine, is levelling up its technology with the introduction of the Absolute Liposuction/Fat Transfer Machine. This clever new tech offers big benefits for both cosmetic medicine practitioners and patients alike in terms of safety, efficiency, reliability and results.

“In America – among plastic surgeons that weren’t truly cosmetically trained – the death rate [due to liposuction procedures] was 1 in 3,000 around 2014 and 2015. That greatly shocked us,” says renowned cosmetic doctor, Dr Glenn Murray of Absolute Cosmetic Medicine.

“We always try to be at the forefront of liposuction, fat treatments and all cosmetic treatments in general. The huge increase in people wanting breast augmentation and/or Brazilian butt lift procedures made us look for a much safer option,” says Dr Murray.

The Absolute Liposuction/Fat Transfer Machine is “a fully enclosed system, which means that none of the fat is exposed to the air, and it keeps it very sterile, so the risk of infection is very low,” says Dr Murray.

Absolute Liposuction/Fat Transfer Machine has just launched and features a ‘birdcage’ tip on the injection cannula.

It also boasts a ‘birdcage tip’ on the injection cannula to provide better safety when removing fat as well as improving the chances of the fat survival when injected into other parts of the body. The birdcage head makes it “almost impossible to place into a vessel causing a clot to go to the heart. This makes it a much safer and also more reliable procedure” explains Dr Murray.

The Absolute Liposuction / Fat Transfer Machine has over 11 cannulas; allowing doctors to choose their approach to extraction, harvesting, contouring and lipofilling. The cannulas’ narrow design makes it possible for doctors to perform the treatment with only a small incision, reducing the risks of infection and minimising pain, bleeding and swelling, whilst also offering doctors the ability to quickly and comfortably reposition the cannula without changing the tube. 

Besides being safer, this new innovation may also ensure that fewer top-up treatments are required following the initial procedure. “Survival of the fat is one of the biggest hassles [during liposuction procedures]. 9 per cent of people need a top-up and 1 per cent of people can need two top-ups. It can fail, so patients must be aware of this,” says Dr Murray.

Plus, it’s impressively fast. The machine separates fat at a rate of 5,000 strokes per minute (or up to 6,000 per minute with the power boost function) compared to the 3,000 – 4,000 strokes per minute offered by competing models.

“For tough regions, this is a great thing to add to Vaser liposuction and makes the procedure a little faster,” says Dr Murray.

The Absolute Liposuction/Fat Transfer Machine delivers between 5,000 and 6,000 strokes per minute.

Interested in getting your hands on this new tech? Dr Murray advises that practitioners wanting to add the Absolute Liposuction/Fat Transfer Machine will need to be very experienced in liposuction to acquire the system and undergo training in its use.

“Overall, the system is safer, so it is more acceptable for a practitioner to use, although experience is the key to using this procedure. I have a specific diploma in liposuction from the Australian College of Cosmetic Surgery and Medicine and have performed over 8,000 of these. For less experienced practitioners, a much longer training course would be required,” says Dr Murray.

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