Everything You Need To Know About Liposuction Trends In 2022

From jaw sculpting to natural curves, here are the current and forecasted lipo trends for 2022 according to Dr William Anderson.

Despite a series of lockdowns and COVID-related closures, cosmetic surgery is still growing steadily in popularity. Spend on cosmetic procedures in Australia exceeded $1 billion in 2020, according to the Cosmetic Physicians College of Australasia, and the global liposuction surgery devices market is expected to reach USD $7.5 billion by 2030.

While TikTok has declared the end of the BBL era, many patients are still seeking to cinch their waists, refine their jawlines and achieve the perfectly contoured body of their dreams. So we spoke to Dr William Anderson of Cosmos Clinic to find out more about the most popular liposuction treatments and get his take on the forecast of body sculpting and lipo trends for 2022.

What areas of the body are most popular for liposuction treatment at the moment?

WA: The abdomen and flanks are always very popular, but we are seeing more and more people wanting neck liposuction. This is a great way to avoid a lower facelift with minimal scarring. We are also seeing more men wanting chest liposuction to flatten the chest and look more toned while wearing a t-shirt.

What type of patient do you treat most? Are you noticing a shift in your typical patient demographic?

WA: We see people from all demographics at our clinic. Most commonly, it’s women aged between 25 and 45 but we have been seeing a shift with more men wanting liposuction.

Who do you typically recommend VASER liposuction vs traditional liposuction to?

WA: I recommend VASER liposuction to almost all my clients. Traditional liposuction can help contour and remove fat tissue, but it can lead to more uneven results and it doesn’t help tighten the skin. VASER uses ultrasound technology to soften fat before its removed, giving smoother results. It also helps strengthen collagen, tightening the skin.

Has demand for liposuction changed in the past couple of years? If so, how?

WA: The demand for liposuction has definitely increased over the past few years. The largest change has been in people wanting to transfer their fat tissue from one area of the body to another, such as the buttocks or breast.

Do you think non-surgical body contouring devices have impacted the demand for liposuction?

WA: Definitely! As technology has improved so have results. Current techniques also allow us to remove fat with less trauma to the body, meaning that downtime has decreased so more people see it as a good option.

What are your trend predictions for liposuction and body sculpting for 2022?

WA: I think people will still want curves; however, I am seeing more requests for smaller hips for a more natural look. I also think the defined jawline trend will continue this year so neck liposuction will remain popular.


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