Meet The Technology With Unrivalled Versatility

Cynosure’s TempSure is one of the most versatile devices on the market.

For the August issue of SPA+CLINIC magazine, Dr Ian Chinsee shared what makes TempSure a must-have technology to have as a clinic.

Why did you choose to work with TempSure?

Dr Ian Chinsee

I’ve had the TempSure in my clinic for about two years now. It was the first device that I purchased, and the attraction for me was its versatility. Although it is an RF (radio-frequency) machine, that energy can be used in a number of different ways to achieve a specific outcome.

What treatments do you perform with it?

The TempSure can be used as a diathermy device for minor skin surgery and this is how I personally use it the most. In the clinic it is often used by my dermal therapist to treat skin laxity of the face or body (Envi and Firm hand pieces). It’s a gentle treatment, and a good way to get patients interested in looking after their skin, especially if they are afraid of more aggressive or painful treatments. Users of the TempSure platform can also perform vaginal rejuvenation using a special hand piece (Vitalia). This can be combined with surgical labiaplasty as an adjunct treatment. A recent addition to the platform is FlexSure which is a flexible applicator for hands-free treatment of the limbs/body. I’m looking forward to combining this with liposuction treatments.

How does the TempSure work and what sets it apart from other devices in this area?

TempSure uses radio-frequency technology to generate heat, and this in turn stimulates an inflammatory response in the skin, specifically in the dermis. The heat response stimulates collagen formation and ultimately results in skin tightening. This is the base technology and can be used over the entire body. Safety and efficacy are two of the most important factors in a medical device and TempSure contains a number of features to ensure that the skin reaches and maintains the target temperature without going over this and potentially causing a burn. Many other machines using similar technology don’t have the safety measures in place.

What do you like most about the TempSure?

I really like its versatility. I like that it can treat a number of different areas and I like that multiple members of my clinical team are able to use it for various treatments.

Why would you recommend the TempSure to other clinics?

I think it is a great ‘first machine’ for a clinic if you want to offer multiple types of treatments without buying a device for each specific area. It’s also a very good introduction to cosmetic treatments for patients who may not have had anything done before. And even if they have, what TempSure can offer is a skin maintenance routine to slow down the ageing process. I don’t think there is a single patient who could not find some benefit from a TempSure treatment.


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