Move, Meditate And Make Time For Your Health With These 5-Minute Videos

There couldn’t be a better time to focus on wellness.

Whether you’re stuck in lockdown or one of the lucky ones still grinding away at work, there’s always an excuse to sit back and start taking care of your health. We know how important looking after your mind and body is in running a successful business and the added stress of the past year and a half has only compounded the importance of self-care.

Too many of us use the excuse that we don’t have enough time (ahem, guilty!). So, we’ve teamed up with Wellness Solutions to bring you a series of efficient and effective videos to easily fit into your day.

Wellness Solutions specialise in creating wellness spaces for both commercial and residential purposes. Not only do they help individuals and businesses create physical spaces, they also have an incredible virtual offering. Their extensive video library has been carefully curated by experts with videos of varying lengths across exercise, movement, mindfulness and wellness education categories.

Our valued SPA+CLINIC readers (that’s you!) can access four videos ranging between 5 and 6 mins for free on our IGTV!

What’s on offer?

First up is a 5-minute strength workout focused on helping support your lower back and make standing on your feet all day that bit easier.   

A hero of the series is an educational chat all about a very hot industry topic – sugar! Clinical Naturopath and Registered Nurse, Shannon McNeill, touches on everything from types of sugar, why it’s bad for you and how it influences skin health. There are some very useful tips in there to share with your clients!

We also have a 5-minute guided meditation to share, a 5-minute low-impact Barre workout that’s the perfect way to start your day with some gentle movement.

If you like what you see, we then invite you to experience a free 30-day trial of the entire Wellness Solutions library so you can move, be mindful and access valuable educational videos that will help you reset and revive.

Head over to our IGTV now and if you’d like to learn more or sign-up for your 30-day free trial, head to the Wellness Solutions website.


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