Next-Level Skin Needling

The Global Beauty Group has just launched the Dermal Pen PRO into their elite range of treatment technologies, and it’s giving clinical skin needling equipment a high-tech update. The sleek, motorised system boasts a number of features that make it a cutting-edge alternative to traditional dermal rollers.

Firstly, the Micro Needling Pen is engineered with a high speed motor to deliver controlled, vertical micro injuries to the epidermis using ultra-fine needles. The upright, vertical needle delivery eliminates the bending and pulling of skin, resulting in less trauma, less bleeding and less post-procedure downtime (some major perks for clients), while providing more precision-controlled micro wounds.

Another stand-out feature is the adjustable needle head, delivering a treatment depth range from 0.25 millimetres, right up to 2.5 millimetres, which allows clinicians to tailor the application according to the patient’s particular treatment zone and skin condition. In a single service, clinician are able to treat the delicate eye area at a 0.25 millimetre treatment depth, before seamlessly switching it up to 2.5 millimetres to target deep, pitted acne scarring.

The Dermal Pen Pro in action.

This impressive 2.5 millimetre treatment depth also means the Dermal Pen PRO can service beyond the facial region — providing deep-reaching collagen induction therapy (CIT) to areas with thicker skin layers, such as the back, arms and legs. This feature makes it ideal for treating ailments such as stretch marks and surgical scarring, along with all the usual skin needling benefits such as reducing fine lines, wrinkles and acne scars, minimising enlarged pores and lightening hyperpigmentation for a clearer, more balanced skin tone.

The pen also has 5 speed settings for ultimate operator control, is available in both wireless and DC power working modes, and has the ability to increase new collagen fibres by 206% –  making it one tiny — but mighty — solution for advanced skin rejuvenation for any medispa or skin clinic.

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