PuriSmart™ Professional

Powered by dynamic and Innovative skin resurfacing actives, SkinMTX® PuriSmart™ Professional, recently launched in Australia, deeply decongests skin while rebalancing the complexion to visibly soothe, calm and desensitise.

Tailored to the delicate needs of blemish-prone skin, SkinMTX® PuriSmartProfessional is an effective 4-step in-clinic treatment that targets congested skin, helping to rebalance skin’s optimum condition.

An intensive skin purifying and de-congesting treatment performed weekly or biweekly helps reset and refresh the skin. This skincare regimen, when combined with prescribed daily skin care and good personal hygiene, helps effectively alleviate breakouts and improve skin condition.

A key component of PuriSmartProfessional is Clariplex, a powerful active complex that delivers a resurfacing action to remove pore-clogging dead surface build-up. Skin is decongested and refreshed, with excess sebum removed and dull skin exfoliated. This helps encourage skin renewal to reveal a smooth, clear and refined appearance. 

A highly-absorbent mask derived from Volcanic Ash is used to amp up the purification process. Its unique molecular structure allows it to mimic a magnet, pulling positively-charged impurities to the surface. As it dries, it also holds onto any remaining sebaceous plugs. It helps effectively purge impurities embedded deep within the skin, without disrupting the skin’s natural moisture balance.

Finally, a concentration of ultra-hydrating and antioxidating actives are infused, forming a protective veil on skin that helps neutralize visible redness and soothes irritation while helping protect the skin from external aggressors. 

Post-treatment, the skin immediately breathes with renewed freshness and calmness, revealing a smooth and clarified appearance. 

SkinMTX® PuriSmart Professional comes in unique high potency mono-dose form for precise dosing and results. Its hermetically-sealed packaging ensures hygiene and reliability is maintained, and allows for on-demand dispensing to ensure the optimal potency and efficacy of the treatment is delivered every time without wastage.


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