Gene Genius – Using DNA To Code Skincare


DNA tests are usually associated with forensic investigations, crime scene dramas and Hollywood paternity suits. Now a simple, painless cotton swab saliva sample will provide you with a scientific foundation for accurately predicting the futire of your clients’ skin.

SkinDNA Genetic Test is a ‘once in a lifetime’ laboratory test that examines 16 genetic markers in five categories associated with skin ageing: firmness/elasticity, wrinkling, sun damage/pigmentation, free radical damage and sensitivity/inflammation.

Exclusive to InSkin, the test works by interpreting DNA results then forming from them a personalised guide to provide a unique skincare regimen tailored specifically to the individual client. 

This new technology will help salons, spas and clinics advance beyond the one-size-fits-all approach to skincare and offer clients regimes according to their genetic blueprint. Consumers need never waste a single cent again on topical skincare, oral supplements and in-clinic treatment modalities.

The SkinDNA Test involves:

  • Collecting a saliva sample from a client’s inner cheek using the SkinDNA collector (swab).
  • The sample is posted to SkinDNA’s secure testing location.
  • An accredited ISO labatoratory will test the DNA through several laboratory processes.
  • A seven page SkinDNA report will be returned to you in 7-10 days. The findings provide the basis on which you can tailor a client’s skincare treatment and product program


Stefan Mazy, Ausralian founder of the world-renowned SkinDNA test and head of international education, will be the presenting the training at O Cosmedics SkinDNA industry events.

They are open to all salon, spa, clinic and beauty professionals. SkinDNA results can only be interpreted by SkinDNA specialists once they have been trained. These events are essential for those who wish to take on the testing and offer their clients skin care solutions from the genes up.

Trainings days are being held at:

Rydges on Swanston, Melbourne, July 14 and August 18

Novotel, Parramatta, Sydney, July 15 (NSW),

Blue Water Grill, Perth, July 23

Novotel Brisbane,  August 4 

The fee of $199 includes lunch, tea breaks and a personal SkinDNA test.

To book and learn more visit or email 

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