A For Excellence


Vitamin A is essential to the structure and function of the skin and has stimulating properties to prevent premature ageing. It stimulates collagen synthesis, enzyme activity and has a positive influence on repair mechanisms.

The main ingredients in Klapp Cosmetics’ A Classic professional and home care ranges are vitamin A (retinol), vitamin A palmitate, silk proteins, ceramide, Bio-Activator ATP, hyaluronic acid for superior hydration, plant oils, beeswax and panthenol.

The Retinol Thermo Face Gym professional-only treatment stimulates the skin muscles, harmonises the streams of energy, promotes microcirculation and helps eliminate poulltants.

The treatment kit contains:

  • Gel Peeling (phase 1)
  • Minerals-Energy Gym I (phase 2a)
  • Minerals-Energy Gym II (phase 2b)
  • Thermo Retinol Activator (phase 3)
  • Skin Force Complex Forte (phase 4)

Each kit provides a treatment for one client, reassuring them that they are being treated with ‘virgin’ products.

Trusted in more than 55 countries and new to Australia, German-based Klapp Cosmetics was founded in 1980 by Gerhard Klapp, an holistic practitioner, anti-ageing and skincare specialist, supporter of traditional Chinese medicine (TCM) and author committed to research and development of products to help slow or stop the signs of ageing.

He constantly travels the world in quest of new skincare trends that provide synergy for body and soul.


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