This App Is Revolutionising The World Of Medispas & Aesthetics

Upkeep is the women-founded app that makes life easier for medspa connoisseurs.

For many consumers, keeping up to date with their medspa appointments can be a hard task. A reminder and confirmation message are obviously a must, but Upkeep, a new women-founded app, takes this one step further and provides patients with easy, on-the-go access to spa and aesthetics appointments.

The app is the first medical aesthetics marketplace that allows users to browse, book, and pay for their treatments with just one tap, offering a curated list of the best providers. Although currently only servicing Los Angeles, Orange County and Miami, Upkeep will soon be available across the US, with plans for international expansion.

We spoke to Upkeep founder and CEO Tiffany Demers to find out more about the app and when clinics (and users) can expect it to launch in Australia.

Tiffany Demers

What inspired you to create Upkeep?

TD: I was actually in an Uber with some colleagues of mine. It was in-between meetings and I wanted a hydrafacial appointment. I realised there was no solution to find the MedSpa treatment quickly in the area. I decided to create an app that would streamline the process of receiving MedSpa treatments. Upkeep is a beauty app, providing the first digital marketplace for the Medical Aesthetic and MedSpa industry in the United States. Now, instead of calls and emails, clients can book MedSpa treatments with the single touch of a button. Lastly, I am always excited to help women and all clients reach their maximum levels of self confidence and love.

Upkeep is like “Uber” for beauty. How exactly does the app work?

TD: It’s super simple! You open the Upkeep app, find your category and select your treatment. You can then choose from our carefully curated list of trusted facilities that appear within your radius. Once you choose your provider, you can decide to pay for the service up front or in payments. Also, we have a rewards system that gives users points after every purchase. These points will eventually be redeemable for free treatments.

How do you find providers to add to the app?

TD: Every Upkeep provider is vetted and carefully curated. We put them through a rigorous 30-point checklist to ensure credibility. It’s a guarantee that providers on the app are the best in the vicinity. Additionally, on our website we have a section for providers to apply and join our exclusive provider network, bolstering their discoverability and business.

What is the most popular service being booked on Upkeep at the moment?

TD: Right now, it’s the Emsculpt Neo! It’s the first and only non-invasive body shaping procedure of its kind, eliminating fat and building muscle in a 30-minute session. As you know, it provides the equivalent of 20,000 crunches in half an hour — what’s not to love?!

What are your current plans for expansion across the US?

TD: Currently, we’re all throughout central Los Angeles, Orange County, Malibu and we just became available in Miami. We’ll soon be expanding to Texas, Arizona, New York, New Jersey, and South Carolina. Eventually, Upkeep will be available across the United States.

We’d love to see Upkeep in Australia! Do you have any plans to go international?

TD: Absolutely! MedSpa treatments aren’t only wanted in the United States. International access to the app is a definite goal of ours. Watch this space…


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