NYC’s Bizarre New Virtual Reality Spa

A strange and incredibly unique virtual reality-based spa has just opened in Brooklyn. ‘The Oddly Satisfying Spa’ by Luxury Escapism provides visitors with a number of sensory experiences and rooms, and describes itself as a new immersive art and technology experience offering services which use immersive technology, ASMR, and tactile stimulation to create a uniquely relaxing and playful environment.

Arguably the most unique offering is the spa’s Fuzzidarium Room, which has been designed to conjure up the sounds and sensations of purring cats, filled with fluffy interiors, virtual reality (VR) and vibrations at 50hz – the same as a cat’s purr to promote relaxation.

Some other experiences include:

Rainbow Waterbed – which makes use of an adjustable strobe light, with bioacoustic harmonics and audible frequencies, both binaural and isochronic, to put users into a deeply meditative state.  The computer-controlled interaction of the light source and acoustic transducers activate different ways of experiencing an intense world of colour and form. Users have experienced visual patterns and the illusion of horizontal movement, almost like swinging. The bed is designed for 3 – 20 minute sessions and is experienced with closed eyes.

Sonic Sauna – an intimate audio space for up to 6 people designed for rotating organic ASMR (a feeling of well-being combined with a tingling sensation in the scalp and down the back of the neck) inspired sound baths. Visitors to the sauna report entering a deep dream-like state guided by audio moments of tension and release.  Current journey focuses on the 5 elements – Fire, Water, Earth, Air, and Space.

The Luxury Escapism brand was founded by Tyler Pridgen and David Lobser, who first wowed locals back in 2018 with a three-day pop-up of the Oddly Satisfying Spa concept.

“We designed our treatments to help attendees find meditative states of mind,” said Lobser, the spa’s lead creative technologist. “We’ve combined new technology such as VR with techniques known to provoke physiological reactions since ancient times, including rhythmic vibrations, strobing lights, and spiralling mandalas.”

“Luxury Escapism is a new concept – one that is a bit hard to explain,” said Pridgen, CEO. “In the spirit of the millennial mindset, you have to experience it to understand it.”

The spa, who only accepts guests 16 years-of-age and above, also has a whisper-only policy. Reports suggest Luxury Escapism is planning to build a second spa in New York soon.

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