3 Reasons Carbon Facials Are Still Booming

Carbon Facials, also sometimes referred to as the Hollywood Peel, or China Doll Facial, are big business boosters for competitive salons, spas and clinics. China Doll Facials use a medical grade carbon crème applied to the entire treatment area which is absorbed into the pores. This is followed by application of q-switched laser light wavelengths to activate the carbon, shattering it into particles to clean, and rejuvenating the epidermal layer of the skin. The results are both instant and cumulative, and work hard to smooth, brighten and renew.

For all Carbon Facial fans, The Global Beauty Group has shared 4 reasons why this unique treatment should be at the top of your signature facial list:

  1. It’s profitable!
    Although 1 treatment is enough to notice positive effects, like many tech-driven facials, the more you have, the better the results! Your clients will love the Carbon Facial effect so much that it’s quite natural to sell the treatment as a package of 4-6 sessions. So, you can ensure they will be coming back for more. Remember, our LUX Series Carbon Facial technologies are multi-functional meaning you can also perform profit-boosting tattoo removal.
  2. It’s the perfect lunch break revitalisation
    With a Carbon Facial only taking circa 40 minutes to perform, clients can smooth and brighten their complexion in their lunch break! Carbon Facials work to swiftly and painlessly purify and tighten enlarged pores, balance oil, reduce breakouts and signs of ageing and improve tone and texture — all with little time and little fuss. Why not consider some lunch break pampering signage for busy, nearby workers?
  3. It’s the perfect addition to a layered treatment or signature facial
    We’re passionate about all clinics offering a signature facial experience to set your treatment menu apart from the competition and to push treatment outcomes to greater heights. Partner your next Carbon Facial with LED Light Therapy to create a results-driven and customisable layered treatment.
  4. It’s ultra-engaging
    Carbon Facials are not only effective in boosting skin results, but your social media’s too!
    Removing the carbon from a client’s face appears very theatrical when videoed for social media – the sound, speed and satisfaction from watching the carbon shatter and disappear. Treatments like Carbon Facials tend to attract a lot of social media engagement, in particular, followers tagging their friends to watch, and you can expect lots of questions via comments. This kind of engagement not only increases your following and reach (hello free publicity) but also boosts your opportunity to connect with potential new clients and book them in.
    Are Carbon Facials part of your signature facial experience yet? Call the team at The Global Beauty Group on 1300 006 607 to get started.

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