How Virtual Reality Is Shaping The Future Of Spas

We’ve seen some incredible new advancements in technology over the past several years alone, from 3D printing and driverless cars, to drones and home automation. One of these technologies that we tend to see quite regularly and making its way into mainstream society is Virtual Reality.

Many of us have now been exposed to Virtual Reality of some kind – whether it be a video game, a jet flight or rollercoaster simulator, or some kind of experiential or display experience. Now Virtual Reality is beginning to make its way into the spa experience, elevating spa services to out-of-this-world experiences like nothing else.

Technology is already revolutionising the beauty industry with the constant introduction of improved devices, and even totally new systems like face mapping and digital imaging. Virtual Reality is taking beauty tech to a whole new level, not as a treatment aid, but to transport clients to entirely new locations, completely redefining what it means to provide a sensory journey.

As is often the case, Australia is lagging behind the new trend, but several luxury spas around the globe already have VR treatments on the menu. So how is it being used and what can it offer for clients?

Exactly as you would imagine, large headsets are provided to clients through which they will view a range of fully immersive, 3D scenarios, that will move in accordance to the wearer’s movements – looking and feeling like they were there in person. This makes VR the perfect accompaniment for relatively still treatments like massage, floatation therapy, or hydrotherapy.

Be Relax Spa – Dubai International Airport
The perfect lux stopover destination, Be Relax at Dubai Airport offers are Virtual Reality Massage, with recipients being submerged in VR scenarios like dolphins swimming, elephants in their natural habitat, and a 360-degree view from a hot air balloon ride.

Natura Bissé – Barcelona
Natura Bisse have just unveiled their latest treatment, “The Mindful Touch Pure Air Bubble Facial.” Clients are played a short 3D image compilation via their VR goggles, complete with calming soundtrack, while being treated to a head, neck, arm and foot massage, before commencing a 50 minute collagen facial.

Bota Bota – Montreal
This luxury Montreal day spa was actually offering VR as part of treatments back in 2016. The service was incorporated into a hydrotherapy meditation session, and clients would wear their VR goggles during their visit to the Bota Bota Water Circuit thermal pools.

These are just a few examples of spas around the world incorporating this new method of heightened relaxation, and we could very well be witnessing the way of the future when it comes to sensory spa treatments.