Nuxe Welcomes New Spa Destinations

Prestigious French beauty brand NUXE, passionate about the infinite power of plants, has welcomed three new spa destinations into its current portfolio.

The new locations take in some of Europe’s most desired experiences¬†and include Le Chalet D’Adrien in Verbier, Switzerland (above), La Villa des Orangers in Marrakech, as well as The Sanderson, London.

“The opening of each new NUXE spa globally helps to consolidate the cornerstones of the NUXE philosophy which is expertise in skin and body care but always with a sense of French luxury and glamour,” says Emilie Mouline, Marketing Manager, Cosmetiques de France.

“There are now 30 NUXE spas around the world, each one is unique and must offer a certain charm that is authentic to that region.”

Nuxe Spa, The Sanderson, London

The Nuxe Charter

  • Selection of natural active ingredients
  • Products without mineral oils, without animal-origin ingredients*
  • Non-comedogenic products**
  • Tests conducted by an independent Laboratory approved by the French Ministry of Research for the optimum safety and effectiveness
  • Preservative system without paraben***
  • Contribution to environmental protection: preference for recyclable materials, use of smaller folding cartons, etc.
    *Except for beehive products
    **Face care
    ***Apply to most products of the range
Nuxe Spa STORY 2
Nuxe Spa, La Villa des Orangers, Marrakech

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