7 Reasons Why You Need Video Content

We’re sure you’ve already heard, but content is still king, particularly when it comes to video. It’s a booming marketing strategy that no business can afford to ignore, and is especially viable for the beauty industry. Just think of how much you have to share – your spa facilities, your staff, your products and treatments, your client results, just to name a few. So what are the main reasons why businesses should be jumping on the video bandwagon?

1. It demands attention
Particularly when it comes to your website, video content demands customer attention and can drastically improve engagement. It’s more stimulating for readers and information can be absorbed much faster, which is vital in an age where everyone is so time-poor. It will generally also drive up the average time spent per web page – key to converting prospective customers into new clients.

2. Shareable content
You’ll be creating sharable content for others to use, generating more exposure for your spa or clinic. Many businesses, as well as industry media, enjoy sharing interesting, newsworthy or educational video content, so take advantage of this prime publicity opportunity! Interviews and demonstrations always work well, and keep in mind not to make it too ‘adsy’ as this will reduce the likelihood of the video being shared.

3. Conveying the experience
Photos can only capture so much. Videos are a wonderful way of conveying the bigger picture, and demonstrating the full experience, including music and sound, and conveying your unique brand in a way that still images can’t. Through video, clients can have a full virtual tour through your facilities, have a taste of your treatments in motion, and begin to get to know you and your staff.

4. Improve your search ranking
According to our sources, Google loves video content, and any steps that can be taken to bump up your ranking in Google searches, you should absolutely be taking them! Don’t forget to add hyperlinks to your website, email and socials.

5. Give a voice to the name
Humanising your business, adding personality and telling your unique brand story is crucial in order to connect with consumers and set your business apart from competitors. Creating video content makes it incredibly easy to put a face to the name, either through you personally in the way of an interview or demonstration, or through your collective team as they perform their duties throughout the clinic.

6. Be on trend
To put it bluntly, if everyone else is doing it, the fact that you aren’t may demonstrate you’re falling behind the times. For brands that pride themselves on staying on trend, video content is definitely the next step in your marketing mix. Internationally, some spas are even incorporating virtual and augmented reality into their facilities, so if you haven’t started on video yet, you may already be late to the party!

7. It’s too easy not to
Social media has made video content so simple that you really have no excuse not to! If you’re not very confident with a proper SLR camera or video editing software, social media is the perfect way to ease into video content, start creating ideas and build your confidence. You could start small with Instagram stories or posts, and work your way up to longer, more formal content, like live Facebook streaming an event or treatment. You could also consider adding a social media widget to your website, so any videos you create can be seen on your homepage too.