How Laseraid Offers A ‘Clinic In A Box’

Laseraid is on a mission to change the way clinics acquire devices.

Originally founded as a sales business, Laseraid, aware of the challenges facing the industry and the stresses being experienced by clinic owners, created a subscription-based model for devices.

Laseraid’s subscription package is labelled as a ‘Clinic in a Box’, which includes a brand name device, comprehensive servicing, ongoing device training (often for numerous modalities), marketing support alongside a monthly credit to the Laseraid online store.

Strategically partnered with leading providers around the world, Laseraid offers devices from brands such as Cynosure, Lumenis and Laseroptek. Their criteria for partnering with a brand is simple; the brand must be reputable, highly responsive and each device must deliver the results it promises.

In terms of range, Laseraid provides laser hair removal devices, LED, hydrodermabrasion, EMS, fat freezing, HIFU and more. Laseraid specialists are always watching for new innovations, trying new providers and testing devices to see if the hype matches reality. Because Laseraid has clinical specialists and engineers on staff, all devices are checked for optimum treatment outcomes as well as the quality of internal components and reliability.

What Support Does Laseraid Offer?

With locations in Sydney, Brisbane and Melbourne, technicians can react quickly to even the most challenging servicing issue. A review of 2019-2021 shows an average response rate of under 12 hours, with many issues being solved over the phone. Additionally, the Laseraid service department is available 7 days a week.

New innovations in the industry are not overlooked, with suppliers and even other trainers invited into the Laseraid offices to make sure trainers are always on the cutting edge. It doesn’t matter if your training takes place in the Laseraid offices or online, you’ll leave the training session more confident and competent.

The Laseraid marketing team has decades of experience across a range of disciplines, from social media to content creation, graphic design and more.

Every new subscription client meets the marketing team either virtually or face-to-face and a full analysis of the business is completed. Following this, the team will work with you to help promote your clinic using methods that are tailor made for your particular circumstances.

According to Laseraid, potential subscription clients fall into one of three categories:

1. They know what they want and understand the financial benefits (especially with interest rates on the rise).

2. They understand the cost savings but need to know more about how the subscription system works, and they know which device would be perfect for them.

3. They are overwhelmed with the options on the market and don’t know the best pathway to getting a device. This person may not have a clinic and is perhaps trying to understand how to start one effectively.

Fortunately, the sales team at Laseraid provides a no-pressure, education-based environment. They will, often in partnership with the training team, demonstrate devices, walk you through the subscription model in detail and even give you a treatment so that you can experience it from your client’s point of view.

The Laseraid subscription is the perfect solution for new clinics, or those looking to achieve growth with real results.

Future Laser and Body Clinic joined Laseraid so the business could open without a massive upfront cost and then scale mathematically. Opening in July 2020 with a single laser device, we were able to add four additional devices before the end of the year. The Laseraid model enabled us to test new treatments and upgrade, downgrade or return devices depending on client demand. The subscription system has enabled Future Laser to grow, with now a second location and further renovations to come.
Thanks to Laseraid, we can grow with confidence, knowing that we have a partner we can trust.

Safaa El Omran, Manager at Future Laser and Body Clinic

To learn more, visit or call 02 9011 5509.

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