Murad: Clinical Skincare. Powerful Transformations.

THE FIRST Modern Doctor Brand

In 1989, board-certified dermatologist and pharmacist Dr. Howard Murad founded Murad, Inc., setting a new standard for high performance skincare. Drawing from his roots as a pharmacist, Dr. Murad formulated innovative, effective skincare solutions—he was even the first to use glycolic acid as a topical treatment. His scientifically proven formulas and inclusive approach to skin health have helped millions to live better lives.

“Skin is the body’s window to wellness.”

Dr. Murad’s approach to skin is different. It’s backed by science and supported by clinical studies. We call this ‘science-backed wellness’. To bring Dr. Murad’s commitment to life, our brand encompasses 4 pillars of wellness. 1. Nourish Your Skin. 2 Eat Your Water. 3. Be Kind To Your Mind. 4. Move Your Body.

A 50-Year Alliance With Industry Professionals

At his dermatology practice in Los Angeles, attending estheticians worked alongside Dr. Murad to customise treatments and provide extraordinary client care.

Dr. Murad is dedicated to providing you with the tools to help your clients achieve the healthiest, most beautiful skin possible.  We deliver results with professionally developed products. We are backed by doctor-developed training. We set the standard for safety, efficacy and excellence.

Build your back-bar with Murad’s efficacious system. Our products let you create bespoke treatments for every skin type and result. Pair professional services with product recommendations and suggestions on how to boost results via Dr. Murad’s 4 pillars of wellness.  

Powerful Peels. No Downtime.

Experience peels dedicated to improving the appearance of all skin types… all with little-to-no-downtime.

Technoceuticals™ peels combine Dr. Murad’s proprietary discoveries with levels of customisation and complementary infusion treatments so you can achieve your clients’ individual skin goals while cultivating optimal skin health.

Why Partner With Murad?

Dr. Murad is a board-certified dermatologist and pharmacist. Formulating products for optimal skin health is in our DNA! We are globally recognized as driving technological advancements that deliver tangible results to your client’s skin. With our focus on science-backed wellness, Murad is able to deliver a whole-person approach to skincare which sets you apart from the rest… and equals greater demand for your business!

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