Excellence Evolved With Candela GentleMax Pro Plus

A faster, more powerful and uniquely versatile hair removal platform.

For over 20 years, Candela Gentle Pro devices have been the industry leading laser hair removal systems trusted by dermatologists and aestheticians around the globe to successfully treat patients of all skin types. With a larger treatment spot, shorter pulse durations, higher repetition rates and significantly more energy, the GentleMax Pro Plus platform is providing practitioners with even more treatment versatility and positive outcomes across a variety of indications.

The GentleMax Pro Plus offers features you can count on to drive patient satisfaction and competitive distinction – translating to practice growth and high ROI.

GentleMax Pro Plus features the ability to effectively treat major concerns

  • Permanent hair reduction for patients of all skin types, including those with thinner/finer hair
  • Benign pigmented lesions
  • Diffuse redness and facial vessels
  • Spider and leg veins
  • Wrinkles
  • Vascular lesions (angiomas, hemangiomas, venous lake, port wine stains)
  • PFB (pseudofolliculitis barbae)
  • Nail fungus
Pictured: Candela GentleMax Pro Plus

With dual wavelength treatment capabilities with 755nm and 1064nm, higher fluences on 20-26 mm spots, a larger 26 mm spot size, and shorter 2 ms pulse durations, the GentleMax Pro Plus allows for more efficient and successful treatments.

• Faster treatment times for greater throughput
• Increased flexibility treating small and large areas of the body for laser hair removal
• Improved results on fine hair

Treat more patients in less time with higher repetition rates and large spot sizes

• Greater throughput for increased profitability
• Delegate treatments to staff with reliable outcomes
• Treatment versatility beyond laser hair removal

Featuring the Dynamic Cooling Device (DCDTM) cooling system

DCD cooling delivers consistent cryogen protection before and after each laser pulse, independent of treatment technique.

  • DCD cooling increases patient comfort and epidermal protection by delivering targeted bursts of cryogen to the top layers of the skin milliseconds before, and optionally after, the laser pulses.
  • Increased power requires exceptional epidermal protection. The Cooling Protection Factor of DCD cooling is over 50% greater than air or contact cooling, allowing for higher fluences to be used, leading to positive treatment outcomes.

Candela has been a trusted name for dermatologists, plastic surgeons and medical aesthetic specialists worldwide. To learn more about the GentleMax Pro Plus, contact 1300 (CANDELA) 226 335, visit www.candelamedical.com or enquire via info.au@candelamedical.com

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