Powered By Nature, Backed By Science

For healthy skin; look within.

Meet the new wellness regime that’s more than skin deep. Since launching their range of innovative, award-winning formulations in 2019, ingestible beauty and wellness brand OPTY.NC has become beauty clinic’s supplier of choice.

Their secret to success: a 360-degree approach to radiant skin, stronger nails and hair, and overall gut health. By creating ingestible supplements designed to complement topical skincare products, OPTY.NC provides the essential nutrients required to maintain a healthy rate of skin renewal, collagen synthesis and skin protection from environmental stressors.

Using all natural ingredients incorporated in scientifically proven dosages, it’s a new standard of beauty and wellness that’s (finally) easy to digest.

The science behind natural, ingestible skincare.

Image Source: Opty.NC

Nutritional science has highlighted the intricate connection between skin and body. A well-functioning gut is integral to optimal skin health. As the largest organ in our body, our skin requires a constant supply of dietary antioxidants, proteins, vitamins, minerals, and hydration delivered to its deepest layers. Since it does not readily absorb nutrients through its outer layers, our skin must gather these nutrients from within. 

That’s where OPTY.NC comes in. Designed to ensure optimised delivery of all essential nutrients and clinically proven actives, their globally recognised gut and skin health elixirs and serums are powered by natural ingredients and backed by innovative scientific advances. Each optimised formulation protects and rejuvenates the deepest layers of the skin, producing proven results from the inside, out.

Glowing reviews by beauty clinics globally, OPTY.NC has become the go-to beauty supplement supplier to beauty clinics worldwide. Led by innovation and driven by efficacy, their optimised, multi-benefit formulations nourish skin, hair and nails whilst boosting gut and immune health.

I have been looking for a complete skin supplement for quite a long time, one that is based on efficacy rather than marketing and has the consumer needs at the core of everything they do. I was thrilled to discover OPTY.NC and finally offer a product to complement our treatments for a true holistic approach to skin health. Customers have reported great results and due to this, the elixir OptyBlends have become a staple product add-on to our traditional skin care sales.

Madona El Machar, Kaelon Beauty

I’ve been using the Elixir Optyblends myself for over a year now and can’t recommend it enough. I added the OptyBlends into my morning smoothie (it tastes incredible!) and within a few short weeks, I noticed my stomach bloating was reduced and my skin was glowing. I work with so many clients treating skin conditions and there is such a link between skin health and our gut. I’m so excited to have found an amazing product that not only has pre and probiotics for gut health, but such a high percentage of marine collagen (amongst other things!). We have a strong repeat customer base and I find the Elixir OptyBlends so easy to sell.

Sinead, Skinn Bar

Our team and clients are loving the results of OPTY.NC. Until now we haven’t had an internal product that clients can take that helps to support healthy gut health and in turn healthy skin. We simply couldn’t find one that was guaranteed to work! All of our clients that have trialled the Elixir OptyBlends have reported great results and we now have a very loyal client base.

Michelle Ferguson, Feeling Smooth

Radiant skin really is more than skin deep – it actually starts in your gut.

Ingredients are not all created equal. OPTY.NC formulations are ethically sourced and sustainably produced. The all natural, nutrient-dense food ingredients are meticulously selected at the highest quality. Optimal skin vitality comes from optimising your health from within. The gut is at the centre of this, and a well-functioning gut is integral to ensuring optimal skin health.

Nourish your gut, so you can feed your skin from within.

Co-founder and Nutritional Scientist Cate Lilja leads the team of microbiologists, food scientists, naturopaths and nutritionists, drawing on their decades of experience to create synergistic, holistic formulations that deliver.

OPTY.NC uses powerful natural ingredients selected for their optimal performance, bioavailability, and ethical production. Backed by nutritional science and incorporated at the optimal dosage for best efficacy and results, it’s the holistic skin routine that starts with the gut and ends with a glow.

Your daily dose of wellness:

The OptyBlends – Ingestible Powder Elixirs

Addressing the complexity of the skin and the intricate interplay between skin and body, OptyBlends comprises a combination of natural active ingredients that work together, via complementary biochemical mechanisms to deliver multi-benefit effective skin solutions.

The OptyBiotics – Ingestible Probiotic Serums

Pre, pro and postbiotics have been shown in clinical trials to have many positive effects in the skin, including improving hydrating, skin texture, skin barrier function and collagen production. The gut-loving nutritional and herbal actives in OptyBiotics work to improve microbiome balance, digestive health, immune system health and nutrient absorption.

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