How Q-Tox Is Disrupting The Injectables Industry

A new injectables clinic is doing things differently; Nadine Dilong chats to founder Kian Moini about his experience-led concept.

The opening of another injectables clinic would usually not be particularly newsworthy, however, in the case of Q-Tox, which opened at the beginning of October (and therefore straight off the bat of a 4-month lockdown), we couldn’t wait to learn more about it. Why? Because founder and Director, Kian Moini, is the son of Babak Moini, the founder of Laser Clinics Australia, and aims to turn injectable appointments into a memorable experience.

“It’s all about value, not price,” he says, when I meet him outside his brand new clinic in Westfield Bondi Junction, right above Gucci and Chanel, which is no coincidence. “The reason we buy a Chanel handbag, is because of the way it makes us feel, and that’s the kind of feeling we try to evoke with Q-Tox. Every part of the brand has been considered – where you sit down, what you’re reading, the touch of the flyers and books,” and even the scent. Moini worked with one of the biggest fragrance companies to create a signature scent for Q-Tox, which you cannot buy, but is sure to play a big part in the multi-sensorial experience clients have when they walk through the pink entrance of the small, but very efficiently designed clinic.

The treatment rooms at Q-tox

The two treatment rooms are divided by a retractable wall, giving Mioni and his team the option of creating one large area in the clinic for events or training. The blush pink blankets on the treatment beds are a nice contrast to the grey walls, and the gold accents everywhere give the clinic just a touch of opulence, with the main look being extremely minimalistic – no clutter in sight. The only products showcased are in the waiting area. Moini has created his own skincare range for Q-Tox, saying it took him “12-18 months to get it right. We’ve got a Hyaluronic Acid with Vit C and Arnica; it’s really made for post-injectables,” he explains. Just another small detail that sets Q-Tox apart from the competition.

Q-tox founder and director, Kian Moini

So how does Q-Tox offer an experience rather than just another beauty appointment? All clients get access to valet parking and free coffee at the cafe next door if their injector is running late, which is something that is bound to happen every now and then, says Moini, as practitioners will always take their time with their patients to discuss concerns and motivations to get injectables before coming up with a bespoke treatment plan.

Moini is also aware that not every patient’s concern can be fixed with filler or tox, which is why he is working with a range of local Plastic Surgeons. Q-tox’s injectors are trained to explain surgical solutions to patients who might be after more than just wrinkle smoothing, which, for many, is a lot less confronting than actually booking in for a consult at a plastic surgery clinic. Patients are then referred to a Plastic Surgeon if they wish to consider a procedure making Q-tox kind of a gentle gateway to someone’s surgical journey.

On the other end of the ‘invasiveness spectrum’ is Q-tox’s LED membership. For just $15/week, clients can get unlimited use of the clinic’s Spectrum LED to treat their skin and indulge in some me-time with a guided meditation available while relaxing on the treatment bed. Not only can this membership be cancelled at anytime, but members also get $16.50 in credit every week which they can redeem on products and treatments. When I ask Moini why he is basically giving away LED treatments for free, he says “all the best companies in the world have some form of subscription, and I feel like the industry is moving towards membership models.” He explains that the possibility to stay connected and in constant communication with your clients, and the fact that they keep coming back to your business is what makes this LED membership model so lucrative. It’s no surprise that it has been a huge hit with his clients, with some coming in for their LED fix almost every day.

Q-tox offers LED memberships

But it’s not just the customer experience that Moini focuses on, it’s also staff and patient safety. Behind the sleek grey cupboard doors of the treatment room is the fridge that contains the injectables, however, you can only open the door if you have a swipe card. Not only does this prevent unauthorised access to the fridge, but it also documents who accessed the fridge at what time, keeping everyone accountable. “Everything we do is digital. We try to think digital for the environment, but also for the convenience of our team,” Moini says. “When a patient walks out, we know what they have had, how much they were charged, and it gives injectors more time to focus on their patients rather than working on so much admin.”

Throughout our conversation, Moini keeps saying that he hasn’t got it all figured out yet, and that he is learning along the way. It’s this humility and self-awareness that might just be the key to running a successful injectables clinic.


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