CMSlim® Contouring Master® : muscle toning, body sculpting & fat reduction

It’s no secret that body contouring is here to stay in 2023 with many patients eager to get that little bit of help to achieve their desired body.

CMSlim® Contouring Master® is one of the very few certified and most intensive electromagnetic muscle stimulators in its class for muscle toning and fat reduction, with a magnetic output intensity of 7 Tesla per applicator and a patented water cooling system.

Targeting both fat reduction and muscle toning, CMSlim® Contouring Master®  is indicated and TGA approved for : waist circumference reduction, muscle strengthening, body contouring and reshaping, buttock lifting and fat reduction. The technology provides intensive continuous contractions, the equivalent of more than 30,000 crunches or squats, and is developed and manufactured by Korean medical device company Daeyang Medical, which has a 50-year history of designing and manufacturing quality medical devices for the global market.

In addition to comprehensive, intuitive preset programs, CMSlim offers manual treatment options, enabling the practitioner to adjust the electromagnetic pulse width to a wide range for customised muscle sculpting treatment plans. HIPEX™ treatment chair for pelvic floor muscle stimulation is also available as an optional extra .

CMSlim® targeting muscles makes it an excellent treatment combination with other modalities targeting fat like Cryotherapy , Fat Cavitation, RF, or HIFU Body for maximum results.

CMSlim has been amazing for our business. Our only regret is we didn’t purchase it sooner. It’s wonderful to have this piece of technology that not only burns fat but builds muscle at the same time. It’s been a game changer for the body contouring industry and my business.

Elly Hubbard, Bespoke Medispa

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CMSlim® Contouring Master† is class IIa medical device , TGA listed ARTG 338736, Australian Registered Trade Mark no 2109935. It uses HI-EMT® (High Intensity Electromagnetic Muscle Trainer)

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