Build a Super Clinic of the Future

Surfers Paradise Marriott Resort & Spa played host to the 11th National Laser & Cosmetic Conference, where the defining message was work together to build a super clinic with a super treatment menu or risk missing out of the lucrative cosmetic industry.

From skin cancer to varicose veins, hand rejuvenation to radio frequency, the latest aesthetic developments highlighted the use of lasers across a variety of treatment modalities – with non-surgical options cited as the most adopted by clients.

Dr Samantha Eisman of Sinclair Dermatology discussed non-surgical options for benign skin cancers.

Despite acknowledging that surgical procedures were still the most successful it is important to look at ‘cosmetic’ outcomes for patients such as scarring, pigmentation, melasma and pigmentation.

LCMC15 STORY 3“The ‘Triple S’ approach is still most valid: Sunscreen; Sun Protection; and, Surveillance,” she said of our advice to patients.

Dr Chris Lekich of the Vein Doctors Group discussed the rise of various vein procedures covering both venus disease and lymphatic disease. With one third of patients presenting with varicose veines he says the main aim is to prevent thrombosis.

In this field, he says that high-level training, best practice and patient care will provide the best outcomes in order to manage any complications.

Dr Adrian Lim of Royal North Shore Hospital discussed hand rejuvenation, highlighting the key markers for ageing as volume loss, sinewy appearance, veins, pigmentation and change in texture.

His approach is to use both laser (IPL, fractional, non-ablative) and fillers (HA, Sculptra, Radiesse).

Dr Michael Freeman discussed cool-assisted technologies in fat reduction citing the most common areas of treatment being the lower abdomen (28 per cent), flank (19 per cent). He also noted we are only at the beginning of the at-home device market.

LCMC15 STORY 2Dr Jack Green of St Vincent’s Hospital Melbourne discussed radio frequency in cosmetic practice and thermal effects on the skin for face, neck, body, contouring and tightening treatments.

“People are looking for less invasive treatments now,” he said, citing this technology is low cost, low risk and applicable to all skin types.

“Patients want improved downtime and are therefore prepared to have more treatments if there is less ‘social’ downtime and less post-inflammatory change in the skin.”

It was Dr Ingrid Tall however who posed the important idea of the super clinic of the future.

“How do we build super clinics? With such expensive toys we need to combine forces and work together – it’s the easier avenue to be able to offer more treatment options to clients.”

LCMC15 STORYDiscussing the common idea that ‘youth begins in the mid-face’, Dr Tall cautioned injectors against ‘cognitive dissonance’; where clients can end up looking like a Picasso painting with the lips of a 19 year old and the cheeks of a 30 year old on a 45 year old frame.

“Clients now have an anxiety about not looking natural,” she said. “We have a professional responsibility to keep people as natural looking as possible and your most important marketing tool is you!” However she admitted that it can take another person to hold up the mirror to realise.

How can clients afford all the treatments they need? Dr Tall discussed her ‘Skin Fit Gym’ model of direct-debit monthly fees redeemable against services however says that combining forces with other professionals really is the way of the future – where everyone can contribute.

LCMC15 STORY 4“Let’s work together to create a great booming industry! Keep yourselves and others looking as natural as possible by utilising collagen stimulation and combination therapy.”

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