A Giant Skin Cancer Hospital Will Be Built On The Gold Coast Next Year

The Gold Coast is set to lead the way in dermatology.

The Skin Centre, established more than two decades ago by renowned dermatologist Dr. Michael Freeman, a prominent figure in the field and a trailblazer in laser treatments, has played a significant role in merging medical dermatology with aesthetic practices. In recent times, The Skin Centre has undergone expansion and currently accommodates an increasingly diverse group of professionals, including dermatologists, physicians, registered nurses, dermal therapists, as well as administrative and skilled staff members.

The Skin Centre is excited to declare the approval of its development application for the Australian Mohs Hospital, marking a significant step forward in enhancing skin health and cancer management on the Gold Coast. The upcoming hospital’s goal is to educate the public about skin cancer prevention and early detection, thereby reducing its impact. Australia holds the unfortunate distinction of having the highest melanoma rates globally, with Queensland leading in skin cancer cases.

The hospital’s approval is a crucial moment in tackling these healthcare challenges. The Australian Mohs Hospital strives to establish the Gold Coast as a global pioneer in skin health, research, and patient care.

Central to the hospital is a specialised Mohs Micrographic Surgery unit. This advanced method of skin cancer surgery allows precise removal of cancerous cells while preserving healthy tissue, leading to higher cure rates and lower recurrence rates.

Dr Andrew Freeman (MBBS, FACD) is one of the lead specialist dermatologists at The Skin Centre, originally established by his father Dr Michael Freeman.

The benefits to the Gold Coast are substantial. The Australian Mohs Hospital will draw leading dermatologists, researchers, and specialists, establishing a hub for exceptional medical expertise. Located in The Lanes, Mermaid Waters, its expansion will enhance dermatology service accessibility and The Skin Centre’s ability to offer comprehensive care.

We spoke to lead Dermatologist & Specialist Mohs Surgeon of The Skin Centre Dr Andrew Freeman (FACD) about the upcoming expansion of the Mermaid Waters Practice.

What led or contributed to the vision for The Skin Centre?

We saw an opportunity to deliver skincare in a unique format by enhancing patient experience across outpatient, inpatient, telehealth and destination medicine. Our facility will truly combine all aspects of dermatological care – medical, surgical, cosmetic, cosmeceutical, dietetic, research and education in one convenient location. 

Every detail, from the footprint of the campus to the direction of the windows has been dermatologist led to maximise care for our patients. By combining the best minds in the industry with a cutting-edge facility, we aim to provide a new gold-standard of care. 

What are the troubles that Queenslanders are facing currently when it comes to skin cancer diagnosis?

Queenslanders are currently facing significant challenges related to skin cancer diagnosis, with one major concern being the lack of access to experts in the field. The demand for dermatologists exceeds the available workforce, resulting in limited access to specialised care for our growing population. This scarcity of dermatologists poses a significant barrier to timely diagnosis and treatment, potentially leading to delayed interventions and compromised patient outcomes.

Recognising the need to address this issue, The Skin Centre’s vision for the Australian Mohs Hospital includes a strong focus on dermatologist training and knowledge sharing. By establishing a centralised facility with a training focus, we aim to bridge the gap between the demand for dermatological services and the availability of skilled practitioners.

We intend to teach more healthcare professionals to deliver exceptional skin care, from general practitioners to dermatologists and beyond. By sharing our knowledge and expertise across a variety of specialties, we can empower a wider pool of professionals to become skilled at diagnosing and managing skin conditions.

The centralised training facility will serve as a hub for continuous learning, where dermatologists and other specialists can gain hands-on experience in the most advanced techniques. Our aim is to nurture a new generation of skilled dermatologists who can contribute to better skin health outcomes for our local community.

This collaborative approach will not only benefit future dermatologists but also extend its impact to other medical professionals. By sharing knowledge about skin health and cancer management, we can enhance the skills and awareness of various healthcare practitioners, ultimately fostering a more comprehensive and multidisciplinary approach to skin care.

What plans does the team have for future endeavours with TSC? Any expansion across Australia?

Our vision for The Skin Centre and Australian Mohs Hospital is not solely about treating conditions and statistics; it is about putting people at the centre of everything we do. 

Dr Andrew Freeman (pictured) alongside Managing Director Ashley Freeman.

We believe that healthcare should never be one size fits all. To achieve this, we plan to collaborate with the brightest minds in the skin industry within each our States and territories.  By fostering an environment of innovation and continuous improvement, we can push the boundaries of skin treatment and research, consistently seeking ways to elevate the standards of care.

Beyond our Gold Coast headquarters, we aspire to extend this concept to other States, collaborating with like-minded colleagues to establish similar facilities with regional understanding. Each facility will be designed to cater to the specific needs and challenges of the population it serves, ensuring that the highest quality of care is accessible to all.

By championing collaboration, knowledge-sharing, and advanced training, we aim to create a network of experts dedicated to enhancing skin health and cancer management across Australia. We believe that through this collaborative effort, we can make a profound and positive impact on the wellbeing of countless individuals and communities nationwide.

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