Roshar: Magic Makeup Artistry

Aleesha Balfour meets international makeup artist Roshar in Sydney at IMATS 2015 to talk trends, inspiration and advice for up and coming makeup artists.

Followed by adoring fans around the globe for his beauty, editorial and fantasy work, international makeup artist Roshar is coveted for his flawless skin and meticulous attention to detail.

With distinct talent and drive, Roshar’s work has become instantly recognisable and his ownership of fame outside the ‘mainstream’ has created a loyal following of makeup fans, inspiring a new generation of makeup artists.

Now based in New York and Los Angeles, Roshar grew up in Texas. Leaving home at 15 it was the underground club scene of the late 80’s where Roshar discovered his passion for makeup and started using his skills to pay the rent.

Roshar STORY 2
Roshar’s talent on display at IMATS

In 2016, Roshar is a successful international makeup artist whose work has featured in VOGUE, Harpers BAZAAR, ELLE, GLAMOUR and InStyle, rising to cult-status with his unconventional fantasy looks.
“My favourite thing about being a makeup artist is to be able to create something in my head, to something standing in front of me in the physical world.

“The other thing that I enjoy is how every day is different.” he says. “I may not be having the best time one day but I know the next will be a totally different crew, scenario and it keeps a really nice challenge!”

A makeup artist since the early 90’s, Roshar has been through his fair share of highs and lows in the fast-paced beauty business.

“I would say my biggest piece of advice is to hide all of your bright colours for the first six months. Instead, look at the way light hits the face, study that and work with neutral tones.

“Also, you’re going to have a lot of instant noodle nights, just keep with it because the struggle is what keeps you on top when things get hard.”

Roshar STORY 3
One of Roshar’s unique collaborations

Inspiration is unique to each creative artist but for Roshar it’s a split second moment.

“It’s the way the light hits the face when I first see the model. Somebody will remind me of an actress from the 20’s or a singer from the 60’s and I’ll get that immediate flash, that’s what inspires me.”

And a famous makeup artist travels with a famous makeup kit. His messenger bag slung across his chest, Roshar shares the one beauty product he believes is the ultimate must-have.

“A Make Up For Ever Flash Colour Palette. I’m serious; you can create a foundation colour from it: it can be lip colour, cheek colour, anything. I find, since I have that in my kit, I’m able to consolidate my kit.

“Most people laugh at the fact that I carry my kit in a tiny messenger bag but the Make Up For Ever Flash Colour Palette actually makes it possible.”

Roshar STORY
Roshar is always a crowd favourite at IMATS

Turning to 2016 trend predictions, it seems we’re best stalking Roshar as his work helps to set the trends instead of following them: not that he’s even bothered as this is a makeup artist who is continually experimenting and always pushing the boundaries of what defines his craft.

“For trends you’re actually asking the wrong person because I don’t really pay attention to trends.

“I find that if I pay attention to my intuition whenever I work, six months or a year down the line, whatever lip colour I’m still drawn to ends up being a part of it.

“If you remain true to your intuition when you work, it falls into place and actually ends up being the trend.”


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