Your 2019 Christmas Marketing Guide

Another year, another hectic silly season, and with just over four weeks to go until Christmas, no doubt you’re already in full swing with appointments, gifts, parties and Christmas stock. In SPA+CLINIC Christmas tradition, we’ve put together some handy tips to help things go a little smoother, ensure you’re maximising your appointments and sales, and to improve your chances of avoiding the dreaded January lull.

  1. As always, have a simple, easy-to-use and up-to-date waiting list.
  2. Use your social media to help your appointment schedule. You should begin posting date-related posts several weeks out from Christmas – warning clients if you’re starting to fill up, special hours/closed dates, etc. Be sure to post if a last-minute appointment slot becomes available, particularly on Instagram Stories, which are more timely and show in chronological order (unlike feed posts).
  3. Prioritise your kerb appeal. If you have street frontage, merchandise it beautifully. Passers-by purchasing last-minute Christmas gifts is something that will never change, so ensure that you’re attracting as many of these as possible by displaying your stunning gift options where they can be seen.
  4. Check your online booking system is running smoothly and is simple to use. Clients (both existing and new) will be clamouring to get in wherever they can, so it may be a good idea to regularly check your system is working without issue, and that clients can operate it simply enough from your website or social media accounts.
  5. Sometimes it can get so busy that not every phone call can be answered at reception. Create a post on your social media giving clients an alternate point of contact that suits you – perhaps email or DM (direct message).
  6. Offer specials that encourage clients to come back during the January quiet period – like one month expiries on vouchers, or specials on treatments that are recommended every 2-4 weeks.
  7. Delegate tasks, and effectively communicate exactly which member of your team is responsible for which task/component of your business – social media channels, website, press releases, videos, merchandising, etc.
  8. As always, promote your gift cards – in store, online and via social media. Depending on your clientele and demand, it may be worth having options for posting in the mail or creating digital versions that can be sent via email.
  9. Warn clients of how far in advance they need to book certain treatments. For treatments like some lasers and injectables that may require some down time or result in bruising or redness, clients need to be aware of how much time they need to leave before their key dates. Social posts or e-newsletters are a great way of communicating this.
  10. Be selective when choosing your marketing images (for your website, socials, in-clinic, any custom-designed vouchers etc. – make sure they are on brand, stick with your current colour scheme, and most of all, stand out. Source quality images from somewhere like iStock (this will avoid any copyright issues) but remember to be selective and modern, and scroll past the first page. Avoid using the same old stock images that everyone else uses time and time again.
  11. Utilise social media scheduling. You and the team will likely be far too busy to continue routinely posting throughout the day, so utilise services like Hootsuite to schedule posts in advance.

We know the chaotic nature of the Christmas season is unavoidable, but with a few attempts at the tips above and the help and support of your amazing team, we know you can make it to January with a smile! If you’re looking for some additional tips for staying well over the silly season (mentally and physically) we encourage you to consult our wellness features throughout our November print edition. Wishing you a safe and happy Christmas – from the SPA+CLINIC team.

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