Christmas Gifts For Your VIP Clients

Whether it’s based on total spend, frequency of visits or downright reliability, your business owes a lot of its success to your loyal clients and repeat customers. You can trust them to show up to their appointments, they back your business to the fullest, and are likely the ones responsible for a decent amount of word of mouth referrals. So it’s nice to show them every once in a while that you appreciate them. And what better time to do so than Christmas?

We can guarantee that your extra-special clients will really appreciate a surprise Christmas gift, and will go a long way in continuing and strengthening the valuable relationship that you’ve built. So if you’d like to show a few of your VIPs how much you care, here are a few ideas to spark your imagination:

Lux Aestiva Agate Coasters
$90 (set of 4)
Get them here


Jean Paul Gaultier Christmas Collector
From $129
Get it here

Palm Beach Christmas Advent Calendar
Get it here

Marc Jacobs Anything Go-Gos
Get it here

Vittoria Coffee Fashion Series Season 3 ceramic cups
$59.95 each
Get them here

Glasshouse Bon Bon Gift Set (Body Lotions in Cyprus, Tahiti and Kyoto)
Get them here


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