Reminders For Your Summer Laser Clients

We’ve once again reached the time of year that is inevitably the most popular for laser treatments, despite the fact that there could actually be no worse time when it comes to ensuring the best client results. As soon as the sun comes out and the layers come off, clients are quickly reminded of their desire to rid themselves of hair and slough away winter dullness and pigmentation, forgetting that these things take more than just a few weeks!

You already have to provide stringent before and after care guidelines to prevent your clients sabotaging their laser results, whether it be hair removal or skin rejuvenation and resurfacing, and sadly these factors become exacerbated and harder to avoid once the weather warms up. You may need to remind your clients a little more sternly than usual about the summer traps to avoid, and since these can apply both before and after undergoing a laser treatment, it may be a good idea to run your client through them via phone or email before they arrive at their appointment.

Post-Treatment Sun Exposure
As we know, this is one of the biggest post-laser no-nos (of any treatment kind) and speaks for itself. It’s irrefutable that clients will further be exposed to sunlight during summer months, which can not only reverse the effects of laser treatments performed to target pigmentation, but can harm highly sensitised skin. It’s important to reiterate to clients during this time the importance of daily sunscreen use, and on the entire body; not just the face.

Fake Tan
With spring racing, weddings and Christmas parties galore, the season for fake tan is already upon us. Many clients are unaware that their humble fake tan can be affected by lasers. Chrys Antoniou, dermal clinician at Silkwood Medical says “People use self-tanners and then want to have a laser treatment for pigmentation a few days later. However, it’s important to stay away from any form of tanning for two weeks prior to treatment. Even if the tan has washed off, it’s still in their pores and the laser will pick it up which can cause an adverse reaction.”

Heats Means Sweat
Even if your clients are carefully abiding your ‘no exercise’ rule immediately after their treatment, you should still run them through the risks and discomfort associated with the area being exposed to sweat as a result of heat. The area should remain cool, sweat-free and as a result, germ-free. Another tip to emphasise to clients is the use of topical post-laser solution, both to cool and soothe, and to provide antibacterial support.

Existing Tans
If clients come to see you after they’ve already been out tanning, this will also affect your treatment.
Sandra Sostres, Cynosure’s national clinician manager advises “Sun exposure can compromise the skin and make it more sensitive to heat. If the skin has been recently exposed to the sun, the cells activated by the sun seems to react more to laser than if one has a natural darker skin type.”

“The laser light is attracted to colour, and targets the colour/melanin in the hair follicle. This is why if the skin is dark, a specific laser to treat darker skin (such as the Elite +) has to be used otherwise the laser will target the skin as well as the hair.”

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