4 Ways To Inject Life Into Your Marketing In 2019

Want to improve your bottom line in 2019? Travelling the same old route with your marketing plan can hinder long-term growth. Rachel Medlock, Digital Marketing Specialist at The Global Beauty Group shares 4 key marketing tips for making 2019 your brightest and most bountiful yet.

1. Set your business apart from the rest
With so much competition in the spa, clinic and wellness world, it’s important to establish why and how your business is unique. Write down what your clients can get with you that they can’t get anywhere else and look at how you can integrate this into your marketing language throughout 2019. Do you offer a 5-star service experience when your customer walks through the door? Perhaps you incorporate a professional skin analyser into every treatment? If you can’t think of anything, list your strongest skills and passions as a clinician, and use these traits to craft a signature service experience, facial or treatment that is completely unique to your business.

2. Get your staff up to scratch
Investing time in building the skills of your staff is a critical driver for improving your business results in 2019. Your staff play an important role in sales, upselling, treatment efficiency and service standards, so make sure they are confident in all aspects of this and build and develop skills where necessary.

Training and development topics may cover:

● Maintaining high service standards and how to deliver the best service experience
● Re-booking strategies for ensuring all customers are return customers
● How to upsell services when customers are booking in treatments
● Training on professional beauty equipment to deliver advanced services

3. Enhance your online exposure
Social media can make a dramatic difference to your sales and business results, so don’t let this aspect of your business fall by the wayside. One mistake many businesses make is oversaturating their feed with sales and product pitches (a sure-fire way to lose viewer interest fast). A better way to approach social media posts is to deliver 70% value-driven content and just 30% on sales and products.

Think “How-to” videos, before and after results, expert skincare tips and hacks, behind the scenes sneak peeks into your treatment processes, and of course an enticing competition or giveaway every now and then!

Other ways to improve your social media presence is looking at your frequency of posting — are you posting regularly enough to keep your followers interested and engaged? Take some time to reflect on ways you can harness social media to improve sales and enhance your online presence (targeted advertising, post planning, interacting more with followers, etc.).

4. Be a friendly neighbour
Your most loyal customers will almost always be local customers, so be sure to establish a presence within your local community as it’s a great way to forge connections and open your business up to new opportunities. You can get involved with your local community by volunteering or donating to local clubs and causes, or setting up thoughtful initiatives such as a relaxing facial for mums and Morning Tea. What creative initiatives can you think of that will make your neighbour’s day a little easier, and a little brighter?

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