What Women Want Now

Do you know what your clients really want?

An average 48 percent of a salon, spa or clinic’s revenue comes from existing customers, according to new market research.

If you’re not batting around that average, perhaps you don’t know your clients as well as you should. Or, if you’re failing to attract a steady stream of new business, it could be you need to do some urgent homework about what women want now.

Women’s Attitudes Towards Beauty and Self-Improvement*, a national study of 1000 Australians, was recently conducted by McCrindle Forecast Strategy Research on behalf of Cynosure, manufacturers of SculpSure non-invasive permanent fat reduction and body contouring hyperthermic laser technology.

The findings were unveiled to media by McCrindle’s Director of Research Eliane Miles at an event in Sydney last week. Among those that could make all the difference to the way you do business, Eliane revealed that an average …

  • 93% of Australian women would change something about their body if they could
  • 59% are unhappy with their body shape
  • 38% are willing to invest in enhancing their appearance and wellbeing
  • 43% would be “more okay with who I am” if they achieved their ultimate sculpted body shape
  • 55% would be open to alternative body sculpting methods (ie. beyond diet and exercise)
  • 49% said laser treatment to target “problem” areas of stubborn fat had never been suggested to them

Asked “if you could change one or more things about your body, what would you change?”, participants responded with the following averages:

Excess body fat – abdomen 61%
Excess body fat – thigh 43%
Excess body fat – flanks (love handles) 36%
Excess body fat – arms 31%
Wrinkles 25%
Stretch marks 21%
Excess hair on face, arms, etc. 18%
Excess body fat – chin 18%
Pigmentation 14%
Scarring on the skin 12%
None of the above 7%
Vascular lesions 6%
Tattoo removal 4%

And asked which celebs they’d most aspire to look like:


Jennifer Aniston 23%


Miranda Kerr 15%


Jennifer Lopez 13%


Sofia Vergara 11%

Of course, not every salon, spa or clinic has the will or the way to offer body contouring technology.

Maybe it’s not something you want to specialise in, you don’t have the space or staff resources to devote to it, or it’s not an affordable option.

But it’s important to be aware of options available to your clients so you can refer them to other practitioners who can assist with issues that concern them.

This will further boost your credibility and the level of trust you have with your clients – and the odds are the businesses you refer people to will in turn refer people back to you.


“SculpSure represents an entirely new approach to non- invasive lipolysis [fat burning], one that is clinically proven and highly effective in reducing adipose tissue and does so in significantly less time than other such treatments,” says Cynosure Australia managing director Dennis Cronje.

“In a clinical trial those treated with SculpSure saw reduction in fat layer thickness of up to 24 percent.”

The laser non-invasively disrupts subcutaneous fat cells, heating them to a point where they are destroyed. The body subsequently eliminates the waste material through normal metabolic processes. Results are seen as early as in six weeks, but optimum results are usually seen at around three months.

SculpSure’s hands-free, non-suction device features an applicator system with the option to simultaneously treat multiple areas of the body. It uses a 1060nm laser, and can treat an anatomical area in 25 minutes. Patients are able to achieve desired results without downtime or surgery.

The procedure is intended for individuals with a body mass index (BMI) of 30 or less.


  • Online survey of 1,009 Australian women aged 25-60, earning over $70,000 PA. Survey in-field time: July 1-5, 2016