Recipe: Raw Chocolate Mousse

Celebrating its 21 anniversary this year, Chiva-Som in Thailand was one of the first international luxury holistic wellness destination spa resorts  – and remains one of the most renowned.

Recently Chiva Som’s general manager, Sheila McCann, visited Sydney to attend a media breakfast to mark the occasion and tell us how the the resort has kept pace – indeed ahead – of wellness trends, anticipating guests’ needs now and well into the future.

And no doubt the stunning spa cuisine menu has had much to do with their success.

The Chiva-Som Raw Chocolate Mousse is gluten free and, per serve, has 92 calories, 1g protein, 7g carbohydrate, and 8g fat.
Serves 4.

100g Coconut meat
50g Coconut water
10g Honey
5g Cocoa powder
1 Vanilla pod
0.1 g Salt
20g Mixed berries

In food processer, blend coconut meat, coconut water, honey, cocoa powder, vanilla and salt together then chill for five hours. Pour on top with mixed berries before serve.


Chiva-Som-Pool-–-Beach-View---LNestled three hectares of tranquil grounds, Chiva-Som is the “Haven of Life” – a beachfront health and wellness resort dedicated to revitalising the mind, body and spirit.

It brings Western practices and Eastern philosophies together in a destination resort which provides services for guests to develop healthy habits and lifestyle transformation. The personalised services include spa cuisine, consultation, one-stop health and wellness facilities and a menu of 200 fitness, physiotherapy, holistic, medi-spa and spa therapies aimed to help restore, rejuvenate and redirect.

Located in the town of Hua Hin, 185km south of Bangkok, Chiva-Som has initiatives, policies and practices in place for energy efficiency and conservation, waste water treatment and re-use, fresh water conservation, waste minimisation and recycling, air quality management and environmentally friendly product usage.

For more information contact 1300 857 437 or visit TRAVEL@TRAVELTHEWORLD.COM