The Next Archives Is The New Platform For Discovering Health And Wellness Innovations

The portal’s co-founder, Daniel Hewitt shares his insights on current industry trends.

Looking for an easy way you can stay on top of all the latest ideas and innovations for the health and wellness spaces in the one place? The Next Archives is a newly launched online platform curating ideas from around the globe across a huge number of industries and product categories.

The Next ranks ideas from around the world, depending on each individual subscriber’s preferences and interests. Thanks to its clever AI filters, The Next is able to detect which types of content users prefer to help ensure it’s continuously showing them relevant content.

SPA+CLINIC caught up with The Next’s co-founder, Daniel Hewitt to get his insights firsthand on who the platform is for and what it can help you achieve.

What gave you the idea to develop The Next?

“We have brands always approaching us to solve problems and come up with ideas. Sometimes it can be really hard to think of things on the fly. Over the years we built up a database of resources that tags groundbreaking interactive marketing campaigns. We decided that this database would be a great tool for brands and marketers to have at their disposal, quickly matching industry with technology to find that burst of inspiration.”

Who is The Next for and who do you hope to see using the platform?

“Anyone with a passion for pushing the boundaries and standing out from the crowd. Whether you’re a brand custodian, marketer, or in operations, The Next aims to inspire all types of people when they are looking to enhance their business.”

What do you hope to achieve with The Next?

“This started as a passion project and we hope to see people be inspired and understand how tech can be used through some outstanding case studies. I love playing a role in helping people to solve problems so hopefully, we spark some new ideas and inspire people to ask us how they can do something similar too.”

What types of ideas are already being showcased on The Next?

“There’s so many. As it has an interactive, digital, technical skew it can be guided by trends. We look for inspiration that can make a difference. Like using AR to educate someone living with the effects of hemophilia. Or 5G helping deaf people with real-time haptic equipment. It’s great to see how brands are pushing the boundaries with tech.”

In terms of the health and wellness industry, what are some of the most exciting innovations already being showcased on The Next?

“We see AR being used in really meaningful ways, and also as sales tools. For example AR can be used to scan a face and recommend the perfect glasses frames. The cosmetic industry has also used this technology well, allowing consumers to experiment with different makeup to find the right combinations.”

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