Behind SoulAdvisor’s Game-Changing Platform For Health And Wellness

From Reiki masters to hypnotherapists, all kinds of complementary health practitioners are welcome here.

In 2022, it seems we have apps and online platforms for almost any service you can think of from meal deliveries to home cleaning and even dog walking.

But, the professional health space is an area that’s remained untapped on the web-based solution front, until now…

SoulAdvisor is the new platform that’s about to totally change the game when it comes to connecting individuals with a huge array of qualified complementary health and wellness practitioners and healers.

The platform connects practitioners with individuals wanting to book in-person or online sessions. Amongst SoulAdvisor’s lineup, almost any type of complementary health therapist can be found including doulas, dieticians, Reiki masters, hypnotherapists, and traditional Aboriginal and Torres Strait Island healers – just to name a few.

How SoulAdvisor came to be

Speaking about what prompted her to create SoulAdvisor, the platform’s founder, Elain Younn, credits a lifelong passion for wellness that was born from war.

“I had to flee war-torn Cambodia at the age of 12 and feel my country has been in need of healing for a long time. In my own healing journey, I have experienced Yoga, Reiki, meditation and sound healing (with crystal bowls) and have travelled extensively, meeting many wonderful practitioners,” says Elain.

“When I was doing a practitioner course in sound healing, I met some amazing practitioners and I felt compelled to create an easier way to connect consumers with wellness practitioners, whether from around the corner or around the world,” shares Elain.

Pictured: SoulAdvisor Founder, Elain Younn.
Image source: Supplied.

The types of practitioners SoulAdvisor works with

SoulAdvisor works with an incredible breadth of handpicked practitioners across 100 complementary therapy modalities encompassing the body, natural medicine, earth medicine, energy medicine, mind, movement, massage, and yoga.

“Every therapy is detailed in full on our site, describing what to expect and how it nourishes the body, mind and spirit, backed by evidence. I am particularly excited about our earth medicine offerings, which include the Indigenous practices of Wayapa Wuurrk and Connecting to Country, because reconnecting with nature is crucial to the healing of the planet and in turn, to us,” says Elain.

“Joining SoulAdvisor means as a practitioner you are growing your business, enhancing your own credibility, supporting the growth of your industry and connecting with other like-minded practitioners with the opportunity for collaboration, such as participating in webinars for consumers,” Elain shares.

How health and wellness practitioners can get involved with SoulAdvisor

A high standard of service and trust is at the core of SoulAdvisor’s ethos. As such, SoulAdvisor has a unique qualification process that practitioners must undergo to become endorsed providers on the platform.

Selection and onboarding processes for practitioners
The SoulAdvisor team liaises with interested practitioners to certify they meet every aspect of the company’s standards checklist. To be registered with SoulAdvisor, practitioners must pass a five-stage qualification process that involves providing documentation for identification, education, experience, industry association membership, and working with children checks.

“We review each qualification against industry benchmarks set by the appropriate industry association and we also encourage practitioners to become members of relevant professional associations,” says Elain.

For further information on getting involved, check out SoulAdvisor’s onboarding guide.

Ongoing standards of service for practitioners
Once practitioners are onboarded, professional conduct is continually monitored with a rating and review system to ensure SoulAdvisor’s high standards are maintained. Practitioners that receive a review falling below a certain standard are investigated and removed from SoulAdvisor’s Global Collective if deemed appropriate.

“In the case of traditional or emerging therapies such as Connecting with Country or ZenThai Shiatsu massage, requiring specific lineage or expertise, we work with Elders, recognised bodies, or experts in their field to ensure a credible standard has been set,” explains Elain.

Costs and fees
Practitioners only pay SoulAdvisor fees when the platform generates new income for them. “Our fees reflect our partnership and collaborative spirit with the practitioners,” says Elain.

SoulAdvisor’s fees are as follows:
20% for an initial client booking, and
8% for subsequent bookings for the same client.

What to expect from SoulAdvisor in the future

Elain has big goals for SoulAdvisor and is setting out to build an unrivalled – and easily accessible – worldwide network of the world’s best complementary health practitioners. She hopes the platform will empower individuals to take responsibility for their health into their own hands.

“My hope is for each one of us to be curious about our own health and wellbeing, to explore, and to experiment with what is available. Ultimately, we have to be personally accountable for our own health. When you are ready, Souladvisor will be there for you,” says Elain.

“By building this communal place – a global collective of qualified practitioners – anyone can find trusted and reviewed wellness practitioners anywhere, anytime. We have begun with Australia and we would like to build this model around the world,” she finishes.

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