Take A Look Inside Sydney’s New Health & Wellness Hub

Sydney’s Roseberry has just welcomed another new luxe health and wellness studio to the area. Located at artisan culinary precinct The Cannery Building, Selph Health Studios offers an architecturally stunning, integrated holistic health hub, bringing together a range of health and wellness practitioners working together to deliver both physical and mental wellbeing to its visitors.

The studio, whose name originates from the phonetically spelt hindi word for ‘self’, has been developed by accredited Chiropractor Evan Sgammotta, his brother; entrepreneur Myles Sgammotta, and their close friend Rupert Morrow. They set out to fill a gap in the natural health market, developing an integrated health studio that encourages a better understanding about health in a holistic sense, and driving long-term solutions.

Evan Sgammotta, who has fostered a lifelong interest in chiropractic health and alternative holistic treatments says “I’ve always been fascinated with the effectiveness of bettering physical health through Chiropractic stress relief, as well as neuro emotional therapies. Combining the expertise of all practitioners, Selph focuses on building a collaborative health plan to build a healthier, stronger you. Empowering you with the knowledge to maintain your health and wellbeing, long term.”

“Selph is all about balance. We’re not discouraging people from a glass of wine. That’s just not realistic. We’re educating people on how to live a sustainable life through a balanced lifestyle”, says Evan.

The Selph yoga and meditation studio has been curated by Lululemon ambassador yogi Amy Giuliano, and offers a full program of classes and courses, including yoga for all levels, flow and meditation, pre-natal and mums and bubs classes.

Amy says, “I have always been a believer in healing from the inside out. I see yoga as that physical practice that leads to better physical awareness, creating clearer pathways for energy to flow to increase vitality.”


The health studio is, in addition to Evan’s Chiropractic offerings, home to a Physiotherapist, Nutritionist, Remedial Masseuse, Acupuncturist and Energy Healer, and combines Eastern philosophies and approaches with traditional Western medicine practices.

Evan even brings Selph’s synergistic mind+body philosophy to his chiropractic work through his speciality; Neuro Emotional Technique (N.E.T) therapy, a progressive and innovative treatment that can aid stress reduction.

“Neuro Emotional Technique, or N.E.T, is a stress reduction technique used by various healthcare practitioners to help symptoms related to trauma and unresolved stressful events. Many stressful events can subconsciously remind us of unresolved past traumatic experiences, often leading to ongoing chronic stress patterns that surface as mind and body symptoms. N.E.T helps us find and eliminate these conditioned emotional responses and helps prevent recurring patterns of pain,” says Evan.

The studio prides itself on its unique cross-referral and recommendation system, in which its physical practitioners liaise directly with their class instructors on those undertaking classes like yoga or meditation to ensure that each visitor is receiving a completely tailored, personal service according to their needs, and a more complete mind-body experience.

Myles describes the Scandinavian-style space as a warm, free flowing comfortable environment and an inner-city sanctuary for the busy individual.

“The curved walls, ceiling and custom designed furniture has all been made to create a space that works in harmony; to allow for people to move freely through the studio,” he says.

Roseberry is, according to the founders, the first of many Selph Health Studios, with more locations in the pipeline.

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