The Hottest Wellness Trends Of Now According To TikTok Research

Meditation, journaling and affirmations are growing in popularity.

When COVID-19 hit, many people honed in on their self-care routines as a way of coping with pandemic-related stress. And, it seems we still can’t get enough #selfcare content.

Self-care content is currently dominating as one of the most searched hashtags on TikTok and has now reached a total of 22.3 billion views.

Clarins Beauty Daily analysed data from TikTok to reveal some rather interesting observations on our collective self-care habits.

Here are the biggest wellness trends of now, according to TikTok searches.

Meditation is more major than ever

Pre-pandemic, meditation was already growing in popularity but it’s now become a massive trend. TikTok meditation content has amassed a staggering 4.3 billion views. If you’re looking for more guidance on meditation, check out some of our favourite online resources.

Sundays are the most popular time for self-care

Turns out #selfcaresunday is a major thing. Sunday has been confirmed by TikTok as the most popular day for self-care activities with the hashtag #selfcaresunday reaching a total of 90.2 million views.

Journaling is here to stay

Growing steadily in popularity over the past few years, journaling has now made it big on TikTok and is showing no signs of slowing down. #bulletjournaling content has accused 5.4 billion views.

We’re all working on #attitudeofgratitude

Another mindfulness technique, the concept of cultivating an attitude of gratitude is centred around being thankful for different parts of everyday life – no matter how big or small. It’s thought to help provide a more positive mindset and it seems TikTok users are keen to try with gratitude content climbing upwards of 1.3 billion views.

Affirmations are our favourite mindfulness technique

Continuing the self-care theme is a staggering number of TikTok searches for mindfulness techniques. Affirmation-related content has garnered an impressive 9.2 billion views. 


claim it. no more waiting to become, it’s time to simply be. #affirmation#selflovejourney

♬ original sound – Sara Fiorvento

Aromatherapy is experiencing a renaissance

Bust out the essential oils because aromatherapy is about to make its long-awaited comeback. Aromatherapy content has now racked up an enormous 352.4 million views.

Considering the above, it might be worthwhile to incorporate some of these wellness trends into your spa menu, especially if you’re interested in growing your younger clientele. Chances are, they’re all over these TikTok trends and willing to invest in their wellbeing!

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