How Clinics Are Responding To Forced Closure

What new initiatives will you be introducing?

While it may have been inevitable, last night’s news of indefinite forced closure for all beauty businesses has rocked the industry. Today is a manic one for those who hadn’t already closed their doors, as business owners frantically tie up loose ends and try to accommodate beloved clients desperate to get in last-minute treatments and product orders before the shutdown kicks in at midnight tonight (Wednesday 25 March 2020).

While every beauty business, spa and clinic has been different in their response, here’s how some have made the most of their last day of practicing on clients:

Dolce Vita Skin announced this morning that today would be their last day trading, and that they will be open late today to accommodate as many last minute appointments. Their cosmetic doctor Dr Nik will also be treating from 5.30pm today until late. They are offering drive-by skincare collections, in which an order can be placed over the phone and a team member will leave it next to the recipient’s car for pickup.

“We are getting smashed here,” says owner Vita, “with product pickup at the door, I’m doing phone consults, I’m so emotional and grateful at the same time!” The clinic is also offering professional clinical peels for clients to take home, provided they call the clinic to ascertain which suits them best, and encouraging clients to keep following their social media for any updates. The business has even increased the value of their gift vouchers for today only – $300 will get clients $500 and $500 will get them $700 once the business reopens.

Isabella Loneragan sent out a hilarious April-fools-esque newsletter this morning with the headline “Sadly we are closing Today, FOREVER! Open to read why 😭” Needless to say it had us fooled! Once opened, the newsletter reads:

In response to the PANIC, FEAR, ANXIETY and SADNESS this awful virus has brought, we’ve decided a SALE is the one way we can bring a smile to our gorgeous clients faces! TODAY ONLY ending Midnight get 20% off ALL Products. We’ve never had a sale before and this will probably never happen ever again, but we want our community to have all they NEED in order to look after their skin as best they can whilst they cannot come in and have us do it for them.

Owner Isabella says “We are literally at the stage of ‘you couldn’t make this stuff up!’ So laughing is the only option right now… either that or cry? I’ll take laughter .. and champagne of course. The sale was literally a share the love initiative. I just cannot get over the sadness and desperation of our country. I’ve thrown profit to the wind and am just wanting to bring some joy to those that love using skincare. The amount of replies we’ve had to our “fake closure” email has been overwhelming .. people are so grateful for the laugh! I will be offering remote/virtual consultations – it will enable our customers to send through photos of themselves for analysis and I will consult over the phone. We are not relying on Zoom at this stage as the pressure on the internet is so huge!”

Willow Day Spa will be closing its doors from tomorrow, filling up online bookings overnight last night. Owner Laura decided today was the time for a positive social media campaign, posting a poll on Instagram this morning asking clients ‘what are you grateful for?’ “How privileged are we that during a global pandemic most of us can stay warm in our homes with our children, reading, working, still being educated, creating, with little worries and a fridge full of food. Remember to be grateful today. Share with us below so that we can spread some love and light in amongst the madness.”

Laura says “Mental health is so important, so in amongst all of the devastation that’s happening we wanted everyone to have a shift in mindset and try to see the positives and the flicker of light at the end of the tunnel. We are staying positive, this will not be the end of us! We will be back stronger than ever! We have had so much support and trust all of our clients will continue to support us. Sending positive vibes to everyone!”

What new initiatives will your spa or clinic be introducing after you cease treating clients? We would love to hear from you! Email us at editorial@

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