Mirror Decals For Your Clinic To Boost Client Confidence

A fun way to spice up your space with some positive affirmations.

Everyone needs a pep talk from time to time. Whether you have self-confidence by the bucket load or tend to wobble in that area, encouraging words never go astray.

Working in the wellness industry, we understand the power of positive affirmations and empirical studies continue to prove their effects on rewiring negative thoughts. However, have you ever considered going the extra mile to remind your staff and clients how great they are?

Mirror decals are a fantastic way to boost confidence and make your space oh-so instagrammable. Trust us; everyone loves a mirror selfie. They are affordable, temporary and bound to put smiles on faces. You can stick them practically anywhere, but we think they would work best in treatment rooms and bathrooms.

We have rounded up some of our favourite mirror decals to use in your spa or clinic. Also, by the way, has anyone told you that you’re looking great today? See, it works.

Short and simple

via The Decal Corner

These types of decals are great if you don’t have space for a long phrase. You don’t need to replicate a Brené Brown novel for decals to be effective. Short and simple, it still gets the job done.

Switch off

via Keep Your Chin Up Shop

This type of decal is good for reminding clients that they are allowed me time. Going to a spa or clinic is an indulgence for some, and they might have trouble switching off. A reminder that they deserve this time to themselves can put them in the right headspace for their treatment.

A bit cheeky

via Fixate Designs

We think a bold decal like this would be great for aesthetics clinics. The places that may not offer the most relaxing treatments but oh-boy do they deliver results. It’s good to match the tone of your decal to your businesses’ personality. We get that not everyone is into the whole ‘live, laugh, love’ positivity thing.

How you doin’

Via Elle Birch

When it comes to decals, you’re allowed to be flirty. Put pep in their step with a confidence-boosting compliment.

Make your own

via The Mantra Co

Do you have a positive mantra that is unique to your clinic or spa? Customise a decal to communicate what you want to say to your clients. A hot tip is to include your business name, so you are easily identifiable when everyone posts their top-notch mirror selfies.

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